Create a Purchase Order in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac

Below, you get to learn how to create purchase orders in QuickBooks Mac account. The orders that you buy for your business and that are delivered to you are soon known as purchased orders. So firstly, it is created and then converted into bills, and then you can track its shipment and in the end, it is delivered to you. Now you have to make the purchase that the means purchase is created but don’t know how to do it in your QuickBooks account.

How to Create Purchase Orders in QuickBooks MAC

The steps are easy to do and are mentioned below so, follow the steps accordingly.

  • In the QuickBooks Mac, click on the Vendors menu option that is mentioned in the menu bar at the top of the software.
  • Then from the further options click on Create Purchase Orders.
  • Now from the drop-down menu select the vendor for creating the order.
  • You can also choose the template of the purchase order that you want to use for this particular order.
  • After that, click on the item for which the order is created.
  • Write the date of the order purchased, Quantity, description, amount, rate, and many other invoice fields.
  • Click on the Save button or if you want to print it then click on the Print button and then click on the Email button.
  • You can print the orders and email them.

You can create Purchase Orders, Convert, and Track

Create: The purchased orders are created easily with QuickBooks using the custom PO numbers. You can easily schedule the recurring purchased orders. You have to add the address, company logo, colors, and many other fields and the information must be correct.

Convert: The purchase orders can be easily converted into bills after completing the order. After completing the order it copies the quantities, items, and rates from the order purchased and it is converted into a bill. Now this bill is sent to the customer from your QuickBooks account. QuickBooks, takes care of the processed payments and also tracks everything. The customer can pay it using the following payment methods square, debit card, credit card, etc.

Track: You must know what you ordered so that you can keep track of it using QuickBooks. You can use the vendor’s dashboard to access everything quickly like overdue bills, unbilled POS, paid bills, open bills, and many other things.

The working of the Purchase order

The purchased order has the details of the contract that is done between the two entities or persons. When it is approved from both sides then an invoice is issued by the seller to the buyer. It also includes the sales confirmation that completes the transaction. For more queries create purchase orders and add inventory in QuickBooks MAC or issues you can send an email to [email protected] or want instant answers to some questions then do a live chat with professionals.