Create and Delete a Budget in QuickBooks Desktop

How to Delete a Budget in QuickBooks (Desktop and Online)

QuickBooks is one of the efficient tools for managing Budgets. QuickBooks Desktop budget tools help you to keep track of the profit and losses of your small and medium businesses. If you are playing around with QuickBooks and doing budgeting then you may have a question, how to delete a budget in QuickBooks (Desktop and Online).

What is Budgets in QuickBooks

By doing Budgets in QuickBooks you can manage the following things very easily.

  • QuickBooks budget tool helps you to process, edit, and implement all the features of your business.
  • It provides you with complete background information
  • You can easily keep track of detailed project expenses, which can also be accessed from your QuickBooks Desktop file.
  • By using QuickBooks Desktop you can print reports like Balance Sheet, Cash Planning, Income and Expense, Profit and Loss, and many other reports.

How to Delete a Budget in QuickBooks Desktop

It is very easy to manage your budgets with QuickBooks; you just have to enter your budget figures for both incomes and expenditures. With this, you can manage your budgets for all your fiscal years. To delete a budget in QuickBooks Desktop follow the given steps.

Delete a Budget in QuickBooks Desktop
  • Navigate to the following path Company Menu Planning and Budgeting, then select Set Up Budgets
  • From the Budget drop-down list select the budget to be deleted
  • If required you can also specify the Class or Customer Job
  • Next, go to the Edit Menu and hit on Delete Budget. You will be prompted to confirm, click on ‘Yes‘ to confirm the deletion, and proceed.

How to Delete a Budget in QuickBooks Online

Before deleting the Budget, the point needs to know you will not recover the deleted contents once you delete it. So decide carefully! Here is the list of steps:

  • Locate the Settings option and then choose Budgeting
  • Discover your Budget displayed on the list
  • Once done, choose a drop-down named Action and then hit on the Delete button.
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If the intensity and the cause of an error are what we presume then you may sure be able to fix your error. But if in case you are still facing an issue and are not able to find, how to delete a budget in QuickBooks then you are in need to get help. To get connected with QuickBooks consultant, call for Consultant at our toll-free number.