Restore Accountants Copy in QuickBooks

Restore Accountants Copy in QuickBooks

In this article read how to “restore accountants copy in QuickBooks” is not a problem but is something that demands your attention. If you don’t already know then your accountant’s copy can be used in many different ways and is ultimately very useful.

QuickBooks is one of the most useful bookkeeping software out there but still, you will find problems where you may not know what to do.

Note:- These files are available in a different format like .QBA or .QBX. Thus you would first need to convert them and bring them in a working file like .QBW and then only you can restore the same within QuickBooks.

How to Restore Accountants Copy in QuickBooks Accounting

One such instance can be, when your own existing file gets corrupted and you are in a situation where you don’t have a backup available then you can use your accountant’s copy.

  • Login to your QuickBooks accounts and navigate to No-Company open window.
  • From the top navigation bar, choose the option that says “Send company file”.
  • Choose accountant copy and then click on convert the file to .QBW.
  • Here QuickBooks will ask you to locate the accountant file you wish to convert.
  • Remember this will be the file with either .QBX or .QBW format.
  • Choose to Open the file.
  • The next window that will appear, will warn you about all the limitations you will have in converting your accountant’s copy.
  • Choose the name of the file you want to give to your converted file and select the path where you want to save it.
  • Now click Save as and make sure to change the extension from .QBX to .QBW.
  • A confirmation dialogue box will open.
  • Hit Ok and your accountants copy will now be restored to your regular QuickBooks company file.
  • Now you will have all the freedom to modify or make changes to the file.

If you are still not able to fix your query and are asking “How do I restore accountants copy in QuickBooks” then you would need to dial QuickBooks Consultant at our toll-free number provided. Thus wait no longer and get help now.