Use PDF Files in QuickBooks


Let’s start our article about the “Use PDF Files in QuickBooks“. With QuickBooks being so feature enriched, it provides its users with every kind of convenience that ultimately helps them to have a great user experience. Just because the program is so niche focused and continuously strives to achieve excellence among small business entrepreneurs, it has created its own kind of market.

With the program, you not only can automate accounting but generate reports, create invoices and even send them to your clients, all from within QuickBooks. But all this to happen, QuickBooks uses PDF conversion tool that converts your entire data into a manageable file that you can save for later use even out of the program. This is a highly valuable feature provided by the company as it helps you:

  • Send your financial data to your clients with ease,
  • Let your clients interpret your data even if they are not using QuickBooks.

To make things easy for people using QuickBooks, Intuit has integrated the program with PDF conversion tool. Thus whatsoever data you have, can then easily converted and printed with a simple print command statement and that too without using any 3rd party pdf tools like Adobe.

Why People Prefer using PDF

This is out of a simple reason that they can be opened on any device and that too without the use of any special software. They are small in size and handy to use.

How to Use PDF Files in QuickBooks:

  • Login to your QuickBooks accounts and look out for your company file.
  • Choose the report that you want to be printed.
  • If you are using QuickBooks PDF file converter then click on the file’s menu & choose Save as PDF option. This will select your entire files data and convert that into PDF. This PDF file then can be used for sending emails or can be printed at your own will.
  • If you are using third-party PDF conversion tool then:
    • Choose the file option from the top navigation menu.
    • Click on the print option. A new dialogue will now open.
    • From the list of options select the printer.
    • Save the file to be used later on.

How to Save PDF in QuickBooks and Email to Clients?

  • Now in order to mail PDF file to a client, go to the customer’s tab.
  • From the drop-down list select the create statements option.
  • Choose a client whom you want to email to be sent.
  • Click on the email tab.
  • Hit send option and your PDF will then be emailed to the client of your choice.

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