Void a Check in QuickBooks in Closed Period


Most of the time it happens that you want to make an adjustment but it is difficult to make as the period has already been closed. The same is the case with voiding a check. If the period has already been closed or audited then changing the info is bit of a challenge, but with QuickBooks… It is possible. Thus lets check out how it is done “Void a Check in QuickBooks in Closed Period“.

How to Void a Check in QuickBooks in Closed Period

  • From your cheque register locate the cheque that needs to be voided.
  • Now check the “Void check option”.
  • Now make a journal entry that matches the date when it was written.
  • Now choose the account that was used to debit the check. Note down the figure and enter the same within QuickBooks on the debit side.
  • Now select the account the check was written from and feed in the amount on the credit side of QuickBooks.
  • Now pass the journal entry in the current period.

Now whenever you will reconcile the entries with bank then you will have to clear the entries made above. This you will have to do otherwise the entries will continue to show up as an outstanding transaction in your reconciliation report.

How to Record Voided Checks in QuickBooks for Current Period:

  • Open your QuickBooks accounting program.
  • Go to Chart of accounts and then find your bank account number.
  • Next, choose the register option.
  • After that, locate the check number those you want to void.
  • Click on the edit option.
  • Now, Click on Yes to confirm.


If you have followed the steps above as it is, then you would have sure able to resolve your query for “How to void a check in QuickBooks in closed period”. But if you are still looking for ways then talk to our QuickBooks proadvisors to know how to Reissue a Check in QuickBooks. You can give us a call at our Toll-free helpline number and get all your queries resolved.