Import Square Transactions into QuickBooks

Import Square Transactions into QuickBooks Desktop

Learn how to “import Square transactions into QuickBooks“. Square is an outstanding feature that lets users purchase, sell, and send funds through free device applications.

It is mainly developed to assist small organizations in seamlessly performing credit card transactions. Due to this feature, customers can easily do a cashless payment. As we all know that more than 70 users across the world are mobile users and prefer making direct payments through their smartphones. This blog covers a compiled representation of how to import Square transactions into QuickBooks desktop.

This type of transaction is ideally acceptable for both personal and small businesses. This feature does not require any business registration to get its benefit. The Square acts as an ideal payment platform.

How to Import Square Transactions into QuickBooks

Step 1: Download Square Sales Data

  • Go to Square account
  • After that select the Sales option
  • Then, select the Transactions tab
  • Now, select the transaction you want to export
  • Select Export, then Transactions CSV.

Step 2: Import Transactions (Sales Data) in QuickBooks

  • Open QuickBooks program
  • Go to the File menu, and then select the Import option
  • After that, Select Transactions, and then select Sales Receipts
  • Now, select Import from the Square icon
  • Choose your file exported from Square
  • Select your bank account related to the Square account
  • Select the tax rate for transactions
  • Click on OK, and then Import

Major Role of Square When it is Sync with QuickBooks Software

Square is generally a one-way integration platform that imports major sales transactions through Square into QuickBooks. Users can implement the Sync via the Square app to embed the information into accounting software. The transactions get automatically downloaded /generated.


  • The product description offers, taxes, sales, etc. are automatically published in QuickBooks. It represents your accurate picture of daily, monthly, and annual sales.
  • After-sales, the product along with transactions gets captured automatically in the form of an individuals invoice for a future reference
  • Entire payment processing fees linked with a square are synced in terms of a custom report.
  • It assists to manage up-to-date business transactions for error-free and refund payments.

Limitations that Need Before Square App Sync

  • The daily transactions summary is unavailable
  • Square doesn’t permit QuickBooks invoice payments
  • You are unable to determine the transactions before importing
  • The invoices & payments imported in QuickBooks through Square sails
  • The import descriptions about clients through Square like names or email id are not permitted in QuickBooks.

List the points that need to be Monitor Before Square Installation in QuickBooks

  • You are required to Sign in as an Admin mode along with a single-user mode
  • It is recommended to reboot the system before any software installation
  • The compatible windows are 7,8,10
  • Ensure that QuickBooks software has been properly installed
  • The company files must be open during any process installation.

Installation of Sync Square in QuickBooks Desktop

Below is the list of steps that are used to download the commerce sync to handle business-related transactions, records, bills, etc.

  • Initially login through a Square account
  • After this, you are required to click on the application tab in your Square account and open the app
  • Proceed with clicking on each term and condition displayed on the screen
  • You will soon connect complete information with commerce sync to a particular location.
  • To get connected choose a particular location
  • Download and execute the Commerce Sync installer
  • Now the icon of the commerce sync app will display on the screen
  • Re-login with Square account credentials
  • The next step is to monitor whether the company file is accurately login or not after that hit on continue
  • When the QuickBooks file displays a popup box the next step is to select entire terms and conditions and then proceed with the continued option. If you are unable to view the same screen then it is suggested to minimize other windows
  • Hit on the done appearing on the popup box
  • Locate the setting you need to select the time zone & commerce sync account
  • After that, you will send complete sales into one account and in-voice by category.
  • Fill in the bill-based information to apply for the 15 days trial
  • After 15 days there is a need for a customer sync subscription
  • Now a window with a complete installation screen will appear and then discovers the dashboard
  • After the completion of sync locate the commerce sync dashboard and check the settings.

Hopefully, you have learned about How to import Square transactions into the QuickBooks desktop.

In case you come across any other QuickBooks import issue or need in-depth knowledge about the same domain, reach the QuickBooks Consultant team, and have a word with a professional team. Each member of the team is polite and friendly to address all your queries and provide better assistance on time.

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