How to Figure out the QuickBooks Event Log Error 4?

Although QuickBooks has numerous advantages to get more potential profit, sometimes the user may face many trouble issues. A typical bug is the QuickBooks known as QuickBooks Event log error 4, which usually happens because of corrupted or damaged files in QuickBooks. In this article, you get to know how to fix this issue with all alternative solutions.

Symptoms of QuickBooks Event Log Error 4

✅ Your running window may crash when this error occurred
✅ QuickBooks continues freezing and blocks all running programs
✅ QuickBooks not reacting and may business data begins slamming
✅ System and the QuickBooks programming running gradually

Reason Behind the QuickBooks Event Log Error 4

✅ At the point when the QuickBooks organization record is defiled.
✅ Or on the other hand, if there arise an occurrence of harmed organization record.
✅ Trojan assault can be another factor causing this sort of mistake.
✅ If your windows vault has caused some sort of mistake, at that point prepare to confront this issue.
✅ You may be QuickBooks documents got eradicated by some other program noxiously.

There can be numerous explanations for this log mistake yet the significant reason because of which the QuickBooks Event Log Error 4 happens is the .NET Framework 4.0 SP 1 that can make issues in the Windows 7 working framework.

How to Figure out the QuickBooks Event Log Error 4?

Follow the troubleshooting method to Figure out the QuickBooks Event Log Error 4.

Estimated time to Resolve 45 minutes

Troubleshooting 1: To Fix the QuickBooks Event Log Error 4, the user needs to perform the below steps:

✅ The first thing to do is to log in to the Windows as an administrator
✅ After that, hit your click simultaneously Windows + R
✅ Go to the Run box and then write and locate the “Control Panel” option and hit your click on it to open it.
✅ User has to go the head to the Program and features section area
✅ User has to navigate the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 from the introduced program rundown options and then need to uninstall it
✅ Once it is uninstalled program is finished and restart your system
✅ Enter your next click on the “Control Panel” and then go to the Program and feature segment section
✅ After following all the above steps, need to click on the Add-Remove Windows option. The option is available from the left half of your window
✅ You will find “Windows Feature” appears on the screen
✅ Expand the .NET Framework to view the Microsoft .NET 3.5
✅ Then mark first and subsequent choices and enter on OK button
✅ The .NET Framework 3.5 makes a way to recover all data in your framework
✅ Need to click on the “Finish” to stop and close the procedure
✅ At last, restart your system to view the error issue is resolved or not

If you still find this error, just go with another alternative.

Troubleshooting 2: Reinstall QuickBooks Using Clean Install Tool and they will automatically detect and correct the issue. Users just need to follow on-screen instructions.

Clean Install Tool in QuickBooks fixes all corrupted or damaged files of the QuickBooks Desktop programming. To download QuickBooks Clean Install Tool, user need to follow below instructions

✅ First of all, the user has to open the tool from downloads envelope of your framework
✅ Proceed forward with on-screen directions cautiously to finish the process
✅ Make sure, you quit all the applications running in the Windows
✅ Now run the QB Clean Install tool and trust that the procedure will end
✅ Restart your system with all new configurations. And you are all done with this process.

Troubleshooting 3: Make use of QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

QuickBooks introduce an indicative tool that can fix the issues identified with the product establishment caused because of the corrupted or damaged .NET Framework. Check how to utilize QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool utilizing the given connection and check whether the Event log error 4 in QuickBooks is fixed.

Specialized Support for QuickBooks Issues

I hope the above information is useful to resolve this QuickBooks log Error 4 issue. But still, if you face any trouble or stuck with any information just dial QuickBooks Support Number +1800-865-4183. The Highly experienced QuickBooks ProAdvisors will help you in settling the issue for you in the most ideal manner. To get in touch with QuickBooks’ expertise do LIVE CHATs with them or drop your all queries at this email address