QuickBooks Database Server Manager: No Files are Connected.

QuickBooks is an amazing small business management software that is integrated with incredible features. As the software assists in the smooth functioning of the business accounting tasks it also encounters errors. Because of these very errors, QB stops the functioning unexpectedly which then end up you getting serious issues. “QuickBooks Database Server Manager: No files are connected” is one such error that risks your QB files.

Common QuickBooks issues like:

  • Problem while Networking,
  • Firewall Problems,
  • Data file corrupted or damaged etc.

If you are not geeky then QuickBooks errors may come difficult for you. If you don’t want to waste time understanding what every error means then connect with our proadvisor or call our Quickbooks canada support professionals at ✆ +1800-865-4183.

These errors and problems that occur at the time of working effect your QuickBooks installation. Sometimes the errors codes and error messages are cryptic or not well documented. When you experience such scenario you need to contact QuickBooks customer support immediately. The customer support team is experienced and capable in handling the errors and providing resolutions instantly.

Resolve Data File Connectivity issues.

For troubleshooting QuickBooks Database Server Manager: No files are connected error, download QB Connection Diagnostic Tool. This is a specially designed tool that is used to identify the connection between client and database server manager and also help you understand what exactly is happening.

There are instances, the software configures the correct firewall on the computer of the client so QuickBooks can get through to the network.

Thus, download the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool by clicking on the link above. Once done, follow the steps given below:


Before downloading the program get advice from your prodvisor or call ✆ +1800-865-4183 to get support. This is because the program is sometimes found to be infected. People have often complained that after downloading the software it has damaged their company data file. Thus tread with caution.

  1. Install the tool,
  2. Click Browse,
  3. Locate your data file,
  4. Click Test Connectivity,
  5. In case you do not see a green checkmark appearing then you know there’s a connectivity error. (The Advanced section gives you the authority to run IP reverse look-ups, check the DB service status etc.)
  6. If the software prompts you to allow the diagnostic tool to open the firewall ports, go ahead as the tool is featured at opening those ports.
  7. If you face an error and the diagnostic fails to connect to your database server then you would need to check the server.

Database Server manager

Since you are facing an error with your database server manager, this means that you already have it installed. In case you have installed only the QDSM the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool will guide you where to monitor for data files. If you do not let the QB database server to locate the data files location, those files will not be made available to clients.

To simplify things you can place your data files on a shared folder on the root of C:\ ( for e.g. C:\Data or C:\QB). Don’t forget to check the authority of users having access to those files.

To add data files in a common folder, click open the QuickBooks database server manager and select the add folder button. When the folder is added successfully you need to click the Scan button and all data files within that folder can be viewed in the QuickBooks company files. If unable to view ensure that the data files are in the folder.

Steps if Your QuickBooks Database Server isn’t Running:

  1. Navigate to QuickBooks Database server and click on the start button.
  2. Within the search box, press enter services.msc and search for the said file.
  3. Move to the Services window and search for the QuickBooks server manager (QuickBooksDB20 for newer versions).
  4. In case old database managers are running, stop or disable them.
  5. Ensure the service is configured to Automatic.
  6. Go to the Recovery tab and ensure the subsequent failures are configure properly.
  7. Restart the services and click OK.
  8. Click the services option and either start or restart the program.
  9. Once the service has started, go back to the QuickBooks database server manager and re-scan the folder.
  10. Once the files appear, go back to one of the clients and try to connect.

Precautions in fixing QuickBooks Database Server Manager: No Files are Connected error.

The below mentioned tips will help you to keep your data file secure so there wont be any need to fix a data file connection in the future.

  • Clean your data: If you are following the cleaning process of the data file, the tool should be used monthly or quarterly to keep a neat and tidy data file. The cleanup utility condenses closed transactions into summarized journal entries & removes unused list elements. It further creates a journal entry for each month in the selected time period.
  • Verify and rebuild your data:With the help of the rebuild tool all the errors are deleted or cleared. The tool must be run on a monthly or quarterly basis by:
    • Navigating from files tab to utilities option.
    • Click on the option that says perform a verify.
    • Now choose to rebuild your data. This helps in preventing data file corruption.
  • Log out of QuickBooks program: In case you are going far from QuickBooks, it is suggested to close the application. This is because if your computer experiences a loss of network connectivity, and you are logged in to your data file, you can wind up with a corrupted data file.

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