QuickBooks Error 324 & 106: How to fix it

QuickBooks error 324 and QuickBooks error 106 are an online banking error. If you facing any issues while dealing with your bank then the solution you would need to apply will be that of error 324 or 106. Both the errors are very relatable to each other and thus share the same resolution. But still if you are looking for instant resolution then connect with QuickBooks error support now.

QuickBooks has automated the process of signatures by scanning and uploading thus saving effort and time. It aids in generating bills, invoices, reports (both month-end and year-end), filing your taxes, etc.

QuickBooks accounting software works fine for all types of business right from small time entrepreneurs to medium business houses. It’s easy to manage, the businessman himself can operate on it or can hire bookkeeper. Another advantage of QuickBooks is its convenient integration with other software, which makes it more user-friendly and easy to use.

QuickBooks Error 324 is an Online Banking Error. QuickBooks Online users are unable to access the accounts while they are trying to log into your bank’s site or the account is not showing on the website, if the account is closed at the bank.

Steps to fix QuickBooks error 324: Solution 1

Quickbooks error 324 and 106

  • Reconnect my Account – Immediately after you get the QuickBooks error code 324 or even 106, a link is displayed asking you to reconnect. Select the link that says “Reconnect my account” and follow the steps to update your account with financial institution.
  • You can also perform manual update of your account in QuickBooks Online by clicking on Update button. You are allowed to run only three manual updates. It is recommended to use this option only when you are not able to see the link “Reconnect my account”
  • Once done confirm the changes by logging into your bank’s website via the URL provided by bank to access online banking

Solution 2:

Another way to resolve Error 324 or 106 is explained in the steps given below:

  • Log in to your account via the website link
  • Once you are successfully logged in navigate to the given path – Customer Service > Service Center > My Information > Allow Financial Management Tools Access.
  • Click the “ON” option to switch on the settings.

To access the missing account and be able to connect to via QuickBooks Online, follow the given steps:

  1. Log in to your website account
  2. On the Account Summary screen, using the drop-down arrow select your Business and click on Go.
  3. Click on the option Set as Default View
  4. Sign in to QuickBooks Online and then set up the connection in online banking.

Note: you cannot keep both your personal account and business account as default view. Therefore you have to keep toggling between your accounts in QuickBooks.

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Hope you are now able to figure out what was wrong with your account and why you are facing Quickbooks error 324 or error 106, but in case you are still facing issues then connect for help. You can reach out to our QuickBooks ProAdvisor helpline number and get all the technical support you need. Our experts always remain available round the clock to help your sort out your issues. Even if you need guidance on call then you can always count on AskforAccounting.com and expect all the assistance you need. Dial our toll free number and get help now.


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