QuickBooks ODBC Driver: Setup and Connect QODBC POS to QuickBooks

QuickBooks ODBC Driver

ODBC (Open Data Base Connectivity) is a specifically designed by Microsoft. It allows Windows to have access to multiple database systems using various file formats. SQL (Structured Query Language) is used as the medium to access data through ODBC. The vendors of “QuickBooks ODBC drivers” strictly follow the specifications provided by ODBC so that any compliant app can access data via driver.

What is QuickBooks QODBC driver?

QODBC for Point of Sale indicates a ODBC driver (DLL) for QuickBooks POS format files. QuickBooks application stores its data in its own recovery DBMS file format. This driver authorizes the user of any ODBC compliant application to read and write data comprised in QuickBooks POS format files. This is exactly done to any other database with ODBC enabled.

QODBC for POS functions by obtaining the SQL commands from apps via the ODBC display. Once the commands are attained the calls are converted to navigational XML commands. QODBC for POS acts as a cover around the Intuit SDK. This helps customers to finally acquire their QB data by standard database tools. This further helps in hasting up the development time.

How to Install QuickBooks ODBC driver and connect both of them?

  • Firstly install QODBC Installer from the web link: http://www.qodbc.com/posDownload.htm
  • Run it as administrator: (Right click on the Installer and select “Run As Administrator”)
  • If the license key is purchased then we would suggest to directly input the same. This will help you get QODBC POS fully functional. But in case you install QODBC POS, you can exempt this option blank to get a 30-days evaluation.
  • Configure QODBC POS default DSN via Windows: Start -> All Programs -> QODBC Driver for use with QuickBooks POS -> QODBC POS Setup Screen.
  • And if you see a message appearing as:
  • Evaluation expired,
  • Unable to validate the license supplied,
  • License failed to open the file, then you would be required to run QODBC POS Setup Screen as administrator.
  • If this is the first time you have run QODBC POS then simply skip CDKEY step in installation.

Connect to QuickBooks POS via QODBC POS

  • Open QuickBooks POS software
  • Ensure that you are in a single user mode, in the File menu, there is an option “Switch Company File to Multi-User Mode” which shows that you are in single mode
  • Open the setup screen. You will now be shown with an option as “Current Company Setting”, simply leave this blank. This will help QODBC POS to directly access the company file that is running in QuickBooks POS.
  • Click “Test Connection” button.
  • QuickBooks POS will ask for your permission, if you would want to allow QODBC POS.
  • Click “Yes Always” to continue, and QODBC POS will report connection successful in case it is goes ok.
  • You can use VB Demo to test the connection. Locate our test tools VB Demo by going to Windows Start -> All Programs -> QODBC Driver for use with QuickBooks POS -> VB Demo.
  • Click connection in VB Demo window -> Add new connection -> select Data Source window -select QuickBooks POS Data as your DSN.
  • Easily access QuickBooks POS company file via VB Demo.

You can also run QuickBooks QODBC driver with QuickBooks POS under the multi-user mode that allows the user to access and modify the company files and documents. Also it allows the user to develop a connection string to assign a company file to the DSN in order to avoid opening QuickBooks POS when you use the DSN.

For further information on installation of QODBC POS and how to connect to QuickBooks POS you can contact QuickBooks customer support. You can choose phone, email or live chat option to connect with the support team. Also you can connect with other QuickBooks support agencies like AskForAccounting.com that hires experienced QuickBooks professionals with in depth knowledge. Call OUR To QuickBooks Point of Sale Support Number and garner instant support.