QuickBooks Print Check Stub Detail

People often find themselves facing issues related to printing stub details. Here is what our client recently went through when he was trying to do the same. Learn how to QuickBooks print check stub details in (Desktop and Online).


“Hi, I am Jack. I am running a factory and is in the business of manufacturing Goods that we further export. We procure huge raw material from our vendors on a daily basis and to which we pay regularly every fortnight. Now I often face the problem where I cannot print the stub for a single cheque which sometimes I badly need. Is there any way I can do that in my Quickbooks Online.”

How to QuickBooks Print Check Stub Detail

Hi Jack, that is a great question. If you are not able to print check stub details then you will have to run Detail Report for Checks. If you don’t already know where to look for the Detail Report then follow the steps here for QuickBooks print check stub detail.

  • By logging into your QuickBooks, locate the Reports icon.
  • Click the tab to check out all the reports.
  • Hit the Review button for the expenses and Purchases.
  • Now click View Details of the Check.
  • Once clicked you will be able to see what metrics have already been selected to display in stubs.
  • If you need to add some then you will be able to do that by customizing Reports.
  • Now click the Customize button.
  • This you can find on the top left corner of your screen.
  • On the window that appears you will be able to do all the customization.
  • If you want to add a tab that gives you info about the printing of the check and from which account it was printed, then you can do that here.
  • Just hit the add column tab and all things will be sorted.
  • If you want to know the type of transaction done within your stubs then hit transaction type and choose from the options provided. You can choose from the options like.
    • Payments,
    • Expenses,
    • Check or
    • Even Journal Entry.
  • Choose your vendor from the names tab and hit the button that says Run the Report.
  • Now a new report will be displayed with all your desired settings.
  • Print the stub and you will see all the parameters that you wanted.

The above-given steps should resolve your query but if you continue to face the problem then you can always reach out to us. You can give us a call at our Toll-free QuickBooks consultant number can have your issues resolved.