Reset QuickBooks Registration Timer. How to Recreate the .dat File in QuickBooks?


It is required that if you have purchased QuickBooks then you would have to register it with intuit within 30 days. To register your software, you are required to enter a code provided by the company itself to be fed inside QBregistration.dat file. Read how to “reset QuickBooks registration timer” with ease.

Reset QuickBooks Registration Timer

Recreate the .dat File in QuickBooks

But if for some reason you are not able to get the code or you find that your Qbregistration.dat file is corrupted then here are the few steps you can follow along:

  • The very first you would need to do is locate your .dat extension file. You can find that within your C drive under Intuit/QuickBooks folder.
  • Once you have located your QBregistration.dat file then rename it to QBREG.old.
  • Now open up your Notepad and right down the code as (one code per line):
  • Now name your file as “QBregistration” and save it with the .dat extension.
  • Save your data file in the same location where the original .dat file was located.
  • Exit the window and login to your QuickBooks account and you will see your QuickBooks registered and activated.

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