Sage 50 Bad Key File OR Key File Not Found

Sage 50 Bad Key File or Key File Not Found

Today, in this blog we are going to discuss some of the Resolution Methods that will assist you in getting the error Sage 50 bad key file or key file not found in Sage 50″ resolved.

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Sage 50 bad key file OR key file not found when opening Sage 50 data file.

What are the Causes of Sage 50 Bad Key File

Here are some of the possible causes of this type of error when attempting to launch your Sage accounting software.

  • If the antivirus software installed on your computer is attempting to interfere with the operation of the Sage Accounting Software Application.
  • If the common documents folder in which your Sage 50 key files are stored is either moved or accidentally erased by you.
  • There is a chance that the Malware software application installed on your system is preventing your computer from functioning properly.

How to Fix Sage 50 Key File Not Found or a Bad Key Error in the File

When the user begins working on the software to manage accounts, payroll, finances, people, operations, and other payment-related issues, the error key file not found/bad key file or activation key expired usually interrupts.

Step I: Examine the Computer’s Configuration

  • Your Sage 50 usage may be affected by a third-party application.
  • Run a malware scan if there are no third-party utilities installed.
  • First, you must determine whether “KB 86048” is an anti-virus, a third-party utility, or a malicious program Sage 50 has a firewall.
  • You can check for expired antivirus software and uninstall or re-subscribe as required.

Step II: Execute as Administrator

  • To run Sage 50 as Administrator, right-click on the icon and select the Run as Administrator option.
  • If the error “Key file not found” does not appear, this indicates that you do not have access permission.
  • If you continue to encounter errors within the software.
  • Select “How to Run as Admin” for more information.

Step III: Verify Activation Status

Step IV: Reinstall/Remove then Uninstall/Reinstall Software

Here you read how to reinstall or remove Sage 50 accounting software…


  • Go to the Control Panel after selecting Start.
  • Now, navigate to the Program and Features section.
  • Now, in Windows 10, go to the start menu and select it.
  • Now, navigate to Programs and Features.
  • Click on Sage 50 from the list that appears.
  • Select by clicking on.


  • You can go to Start, Control Panel, Programs, and Features, in Windows 8.1 and older.
    • You have to right-click on the start menu and then you have to click on Programs and Features/Apps and Features, in Windows 1o.
  • Then, from the list you can select your version and then click Uninstall.
  • You can try to Reinstall or install it from the Installer Files folder in C:\\Sage.

Step V- Turn off Controlled Folder Access

  • You have to choose Start, Settings, Update and Security, Windows Security, Virus, and Threat Protection.
  • Then you have to select Manage settings under Virus and Threat Protection settings.
  • Now you have to select Manage Controlled folder access, which is under Controlled folder access.
  • By setting to off you have to switch the Controlled folder access.

We hope the above information will help you to resolve the Sage 50 Key File Not Found or Bad Key File. To know how to find activation keys or fix key file issues, you may contact Sage 50 Consultants well-versed trained professionals whenever you need any help.


What happens if you uninstall or disable the firewall or resolve antivirus software “Sage 50 key not found or bad key file error”

This is the best option if you can disable the application that is preventing Sage 50 from running and causing the problem. It is entirely up to you whether you want to install or disable it. If this is the only application causing problems, simply disable the firewall or antivirus software as directed.

Is it necessary to check the status of my Sage 50 software’s activation to resolve the error “Sage 50 key Not Found or Bad key File”?

Yes, you must examine it to determine whether it is the cause of the error “Sage 50 key not found or bad key file” or not. You must open Sage 50 to verify the status. Then, on your screen, a box appears. Sage 50 must be activated in this box. You must recheck for the error after activating.

How do I allow Sage 50 to interact with firewall or antivirus software to resolve the “Sage 50 key not found or bad key file” error?

The steps for allowing Sage 50 are as follows:

● First, ensure that all of the items listed below are labeled as Home or Private columns:
● Mysqld-nt.exe.
● Connection Manager for Sage 50
● Sharing of files and printers.
● Mysqld.exe
● Next, select the option Allow another program to add processes to the list.