Usage Limits in QuickBooks Online

Traditionally whenever users use QuickBooks Desktop they usually receive a pop-up message to notify them that they have exceeded the software limit and need an upgrade. Now, this technique is introduced in QuickBooks online too. Here in this article, we will discuss what usage limits in QuickBooks Online are and how one can discover its usage limit. Usage limits act as an essential concept for users to know the status of the software.

Usage Limits in QuickBooks Online

User limits represent the status of classes, chart of accounts, how many users, account elements, and more


Every software owner sets certain limits on software in which users can stay in the plan and use the features and Consultant. This user limit helps in tracking the status of software licenses and upgrade dates.

For instance:

In 2019, usage limits were introduced in QuickBooks online plans. This involves the class, number of users, location & chart of accounts. For the initial six months after these modifications have been introduced users were permitted to stay in their present plan even after they crossed those limits. But After October 2019, they didn’t get any Consultant service for QuickBooks online.

Describe the things required to do

Users need to check their next billing date to ensure that they have access to the account or not. For this, log in to the account and check the limits.

QuickBooks Online Accountant

  • Discover the dropdown named Go to client’s
  • Choose a client company
  • Click on settings and hit on Account and settings
  • Choose Usage

QuickBooks Online

  • Navigate settings and then choose Account & Settings
  • Hit on the usage tab

By following the above instructions you can check the client usage.

  • When the account is found to be beyond a limit, it may be suspended till the upcoming renewal date
  • Accounts that go beyond the limit may be suspended on the upcoming renewal date.

Monitor the Plan usage limits

QuickBooks Online has usage limits that vary with the plan. To know the status and name of the plan you need to follow the below-mentioned points:

  • Locate the settings window and then hit on Account & settings
  • Choose the Billing and subscription option and then view the plan details
  • The plan details contain a Chart of accounts, Billable users, tag groups, user types, reports, accountants, etc. along with limits.

Key Points to Know about Usage Limits

  • Only classes, locations, and active accounts count coming up with a limit
  • Usage limits comprise the count of pending invites
  • Billable users act as standard, custom users, and admins.

Steps to switch on Classes & location

  • Click Cogs Company Preference then select Company Settings
  • Choose categories on Company and click on Switch class
  • Locate Cogs Company Preference
  • Discover lists select all lists
  • You are allowed to select both Location and Classes or choose one of them.

Know if your QuickBooks usage limits over or not

You need to know some terms that can assist you to check the current status of limits:

List View:

  • This assists in discovering each item count
  • Filters located below the limit let you display lists associated with a chart of accounts, locations, and classes.

Below is the list of items:

  • Choose Locations, Classes, or Chart of Accounts
  • Filter through the name field and choose the drop-down
  • Hit counts in limits.

Limit indicator banner:

An indicator banner located on the top page will let you know whether the limit is exceeded or not


The dashboard represents the usage limit of items.

The process to launch the dashboard:

  • Login to QuickBooks online and choose a setting icon
  • Hit on account and settings
  • Click on the Usage tab.

Effect of suspended accounts:

  • You are not permitted to lessen the usage
  • Unable to view the transactions
  • Not allowed to add new transactions or any modification
  • Allowed to export content/files to Excel
  • Subscription suspends.

I Hope, through this blog on what are usage limits in QuickBooks online, you got knowledge on usage limits to manage locations, classes, account users, and active accounts. If you still face any difficulty or queries regarding QuickBooks errors, don’t hesitate to dial the QuickBooks Online support helpdesk toll-free number. Simply connect and be a part of a family environment of the team that has years of experience in the same domain. You can also reach out by email or do a live chat. Get the expert’s excellent services and accurate resolution on time.