Delete Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks

Delete Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks always update its software for a better user interface but still, there is something that arises in the mind as to How to “delete chart of accounts in QuickBooks Desktop”.

QuickBooks is one of the finest software in the accounting section. Today almost every second person is using QuickBooks for his/her business finance-related management. QuickBooks definitely provides a way to remove the chart of accounts to the users. You can follow the below steps to delete the accounts in the chart accounts.

Steps to Delete Unwanted Accounts and Delete Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks Desktop

  • Go to accounting to the left navigation bar
  • Need to select the chart of accounts at top of the page
  • Select the account you want to remove
  • Click on the drop-down arrow to register
  • Delete the selected account
  • At the notification click on yes.

After following the above steps your account will be deactivated. Sometimes a user needs to use the same amount again in those cases you can follow the below steps.

To use the Account Again Follow Below Steps

  • Go to the accounting tab
  • Select the chart of accounts at the top of the page
  • The select small gear icon at the action column
  • Checkbox the Include Inactive box
  • Search account and click on blue to make an active link

Not only you can delete the account in QuickBooks but if you want you can also create and create and edit the accounts.

How to Create a New Account

  • Go to List at the menu and then go to Chart of Accounts
  • Select the drop-down menu at the bottom, then select a new account to create
  • Select the account type and go-ahead
  • Enter the account detail
  • If you are creating a child account, select the checkbox of the sub-account
  • Select the parent account from the drop-down menu
  • Click on Save and close.

To Edit an Account

You can edit the account by following the below step

  • Go to list >>select the chart of accounts
  • Right-click on the account you want to make a change
  • Click on edit account
  • Do the changes what you want to do
  • Save it and close

QuickBooks is provided you with a variety of activities for users who is using QuickBooks. It is becoming one of the favorite accounting software for most people. Whether you have to need QuickBooks for one person, more than one person, or more than 50 people it is available there for your every need. For the medium size, small size is the perfect accounting software.

For any queries or issues, don’t hesitate to call QuickBooks toll-free Consultant number our team will help you with how to delete and import charts of accounts, delete journal entries and move in QuickBooks online within seconds. Our QuickBooks Consultant Experts are having years of experience in the same domain with excellent training.