How to record Accrued Expenses in QuickBooks

Accrued Expenses unlike cash accounting comes into the picture when income is earned and expenses are incurred before you having to pay for it. Business expenses solely rely on accrued expenses as it is not feasible for the business to pay each time to the vendor.

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As soon as the purchase is made, the expense is accrued. This category of expense has been accounted upon more than any other because they provide appropriate and more accurate picture of the performance of the business. Thus it is very important to keep a tab on your spendings. With that being said let us check out “How to record Accrued Expenses in Quickbooks“?

What actually is Accrued Expenses?

In lay-man terms, Accrued expenses are those expenses that are recorded in the book of accounts; however no cash transactions have taken place. Such expenses require trust and accountability to build. They recur every month in every small as well as big businesses.

Accrued expenses are maintained by the accountants of the business, but owing to human errors, sometime they might fall back to give the exact data when asked for. This can lead to a lot of commotion and hazard for higher authorities in the enterprise. Hence it is mandatory to learn the art of recording accrued expenses successfully and accurately.

To be able to rewind everything that was entered in the previous months and weeks can be a big task for the accountants and the bookkeepers. Mistakes ought to occur as it is human and not any machine that is involved in taking care of those records.
To ensure that the process of looking back into the data and understanding them with no confusion, the following mantra can be taken into consideration.

How to record Accrued Expenses in QuickBooks?

In QuickBooks’ company file, make sure to add a folder that says Accrued Expenses. This can be of immense help to maintain a record of the expenses. It is exactly the way we create separate folders for our pictures and movies on our computer. You don’t want to recall the days when you had saved all of them cluttered on the desktop and how difficult it was for you to locate any specific picture. Is it sorted now?

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Sorting this Accrued expense folder can be beneficial in lot many ways-

  • You know exactly where the file is located
  • No headache of scanning through the system for a single file or accrued expense
  • Data will get sorted and organized
  • Accrued liabilities will be on the tip of your finger
  • The possibility of deleting or removing the adjustments made to those accrued expense will be zero
  • You can have a history of all the accrued expenses
  • It is an important step towards maintaining a clean record of the assets and liabilities of the company

It is with the accrued expense that one can gaze the potential health of a business. If the accrued expense is more than the asset, then it should be the bell ringing to remind you of the condition that needs to be attended immediately.

“Accrued Expenses” two words to know but a bigger impact.

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