How to Clear QuickBooks Data and Start Over Again

Clear QuickBooks Data and Start over

There can be problems when you are just starting out with QuickBooks. If you are new to using the program then you may make many mistakes. If you don’t know how to do that then lets check “How to clear QuickBooks Data and start over?”. But learning, practicing and implementing is what will make you perfect in QuickBooks. If initially, you started out with the dummy company and now want to put your own business into action then the very first thing you would want to do is clear all your stuff.

How to Clear QuickBooks Data and start from Scratch

Before we can start with clearing your company’s account, here are the two conditions that you would need to understand.

◼ Data is older than 60 days.
◼ Data is still to complete 60 days time frame.

It is only on the basis of these two conditions that will decide whether you will be able to delete your account altogether or will have to cancel your subscription.

Total time: 25 minutes

Scenario 1: QuickBooks Data Older than 60 days

If your account has been active for more than 60 days, then for security reasons QuickBooks will not allow you to wipe it. The reason for restricting your access to delete the files is to simply protect your company’s data, which you be deleted by mistake.

Though, if you still need to clear your account then the best you can do is cancel your current subscription and start with a new one. This you can do by following the steps below:

✅ Login to your QuickBooks account and head over to the settings tab. This you can find on the top navigation panel and is generally represented by a gear symbol.
✅ Now click on your account and choose to update your credit card info.
✅ Click on the subscription status icon and you will be provided with a link to cancel your current plan with Intuit.
✅ You will now be provided with the set of instructions. Simply follow them and your subscription with the company will finally be canceled.
✅ To create a new account simply signup with Intuit.
✅ If you were already using QuickBooks payroll services then provide the same ID and password and this will help you get your account back but with a fresh subscription plan.

Scenario 2: Company Data is Less than 60 days old

Follow these steps if you have just registered your account or your account is less than 2 months old. If such is the case with you then follow the steps below:

📣 Note: Before following the steps provided here, make sure you are not using accountants copy otherwise the damage happened cannot be revoked. Even ensure that the data once deleted cannot be recovered. Thus tread with caution!

✅ Login to your QuickBooks company file.
✅ Now simply change the URL of the company you would want to wipe out to yourcompanyurl/purgecompany. Here “yourcompanyurl” will be the URL to access your company file. For example if your company’s url is like .com/cba97/app/company-home-page. Then this URL must be changed to …/app/purgecompany.
✅ The window that will appear now will provide you with a warning message. Here you would need to confirm whether you want QuickBooks to delete the items displayed. To so by selecting “Yes or No”.
✅ Once selected “yes” will delete your company’s account and you will be able to start from fresh.

Such is the beauty of Quickbooks that you can start whenever you want. Hope you found the solution you were looking for. If you are still in search of an alternative fix then get in touch with our Quickbooks proadvisor now.

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