Delete a Company in QuickBooks

Delete a Company in QuickBooks

The below article will discuss the steps to “delete a company in QuickBooks” from QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks MAC, and QuickBooks Windows (for Pro, Premier, & Enterprise version).

QuickBooks permits deleting different features when they are no longer in use. Among them, there is a simple procedure to delete a company in QuickBooks accounting software.

Why are you Unable to Delete Company File by yourself?

People often create a company in QuickBooks accounting software but later they find it difficult to delete it. The reason here can be anything, e.g. they delete it because they mistakenly entered a wrong name or did some spelling error. If you also find yourself in a similar space and are not able to delete a company in QuickBooks then follow these simple steps.

How to Delete a Company in QuickBooks

  • Steer to the location by pressing the F2.
  • Then in the new window locate the section, which says file information on your computer then take the record of it.
  • Check the button beside the company you want to delete.
  • Tthen click on the delete the button.
  • Then you have to reopen the QuickBooks and open the edit list button.
  • Now check the box that says “HIDE”.
  • The file will now not only be hidden from your system but will be deleted as well.

Since now you know how to delete a company in QuickBooks, you would now want to open up a new company. If this is so what you want then follow the below-given steps.

How to Delete a Company in QuickBooks Online

You can easily delete the company file within 60 days of its setup. The deletion of the File includes complete data from scratch. In case the account has been crossed the limit of 60 days, then you require canceling the active company and then starting a new company to begin from scratch.

Steps you need to follow to complete the delete process for a company file of fewer than 60 days on QuickBooks Online

  • Firstly, Log in to your QuickBooks Online Company.
  • Then modify the URL to include /purge company.
  • After this, the next Window will display containing the summary of the deleted items.
  • Now for the confirmation of the type of items.
  • You selected you to need to hit on the Yes option, and then choose OK button.
  • Once you are done selecting now, hit on Wipe Data.
  • After the delete process complete, then you will be redirected to your home page.

Delete Company file which has more than 60 days in QuickBooks Online

Here are the steps:

  • At first, login into your QuickBooks online company.
  • Hit on the Gear option appearing at the top right corner of the screen near the company name
  • Choose Account and Settings below the Company
  • Hit on Billing & Subscription appearing on the left side of the screen
  • Now click Cancel at a subscribed button.

Once done, now you will be no longer able to perform any task in the company file. Meanwhile, you can monitor the information for a few months till Intuit does not delete it.

How to Delete a Company from QuickBooks Mac?

Similar to other editions of QuickBooks, there is a simple and straightforward method to delete a company in QuickBooks MAC. It is as easy as you locating a File on the system hard drive to delete it. Below mentioned is the list of instructions you need to delete a company from QuickBooks Mac.

Discover the company file that you want to delete

Here are the steps:

  • Open the QuickBooks
  • Locate the company file that you need to delete
  • Now discover the Help option appearing in the top menu bar.
  • Choose Product information
  • After this, go to the bottom of the location of the new screen file.
  • Locate the file path and mouse over the File to jot it in a downward direction
  • Here is the path you need to follow to delete, for instance, Documents >> Intuit >> QuickBooks >> Company files >> required file name.
  • Once done, hit on the top left corner to close the Window
  • Hit on the company file that you need to delete and then drag it down to the trash bin
  • Afterward, delete the File and also the files containing disc image of the deleted company file; make sure it contains .dmg extension.
  • The QuickBooks Mac generates a backup copy each time you operate QuickBooks until you switch off an auto-backup feature in preferences.
  • Now the File you delete gets included in the trash bin.
  • You need to empty the trash bin to delete it permanently from the system.
  • Open the trash bin and delete the entire File you want to delete.

How to Delete a Company in QuickBooks Windows Pro, Premier, and Enterprise

The easiest method is to delete the company file in QuickBooks Windows Pro, Premier, or Enterprise. Here are the simple steps you have to follow to locate the company file to delete.

Proceed with locating the company file to delete

  • Open your QuickBooks
  • Open the company file that you need to delete.
  • Discover file option, click open or Restore Company option
  • Hit on Open company file
  • After this, choose the Next option.
  • Click on the File you need to delete and then select Open.
  • Now hit on F2 button from the keyboard to display the new Window.
  • Discover the file information tab and then make a note of the location
  • The file location tells the path of the File where it is stored in the system.
  • Close the QuickBooks
  • Hit on File and then click the Exit button
  • Go to the noted location on the system.
  • Now give a right-click on the data file that you want to delete.
  • Hit on the Delete option
  • Make sure you delete all the files containing the copy of the same file name, which ends .qbw
  • Re-open the QuickBooks
  • Choose the Edit list option.
  • Place a check-mark to the Hide field on the File which you just deleted.
  • Now the File is deleted and gets hidden in the Window, which says No company open.

Here is the article about How to delete a company in QuickBooks Online completes!. If you face any problems or confusion while implementing the steps mentioned above, then feel free to call QuickBooks ProAdvisor support. The professional team is sitting there for you to assist you in time and efficiently. For an instant solution, do chat with one of the team members. Meanwhile, you can drop an email to get answers to your queries.

How to Open a Second Company in QuickBooks

Learn how to open a second company in QuickBooks. Follow the mentioned steps to open a second company or set up multiple companies in QuickBooks.

  • Open QuickBooks and then click file on the main menu bar.
  • From the drop down list click start the new company.
  • Click on “Start interview” button on the new company window.
  • Now you have you enter the information about the company
  • Click next when you are done.
  • Then start navigating where you want to save the new companies file.
  • In the dialog window select the filename for new company.
  • Then click on the save button.
  • Click next to continue.
  • Fill the information in the dialogue that appears.
  • Now, this will complete the new company set up process.
  • Congrats you have created your second company.

If you want to add some more companies then following the above steps only will help you to create more companies. Though you can create as many companies as you would like you can have only one company in one paid subscription account. Quickbooks offers discounts on every company you make so please make sure to avail that.

Sometimes QuickBooks gives you an error that says “QuickBooks is not able to open your file”. The reason for this error can be anything, but without rectifying these errors you won’t be able to open your company file. Thus follow the simple steps to open your file.

How to Open a Company File in QuickBooks in Case of Error?

  • QuickBooks desktop should be of the latest update to the latest release.
  • Then open the file of the same version that last time you open it.
  • You have to open the file directly from the QuickBooks company file.
  • Stop any reports and the other windows if you are working in QuickBooks.
  • Open the file by holding down alt key.
  • Open a sample company.
  • Move a company file to a new location.
  • Then check the properties of a file.
  • Rename your company file.
  • Turn off the multi user data or websites.
  • Edit file extension.
  • Analyze and solve the problems of QuickBooks installation.

If you followed along step by step then your error might have been fixed by now. But in case you are still not able to delete a company in QuickBooks then give us a call right away at our toll-free number.

Accounts are maintained so they can be cross-checked in the future. Thus maintaining books of accounts is of prime thing for any business. If you are not backing up your key files then there is always a risk of losing them. It can be because of a computer breakdown or a memory crash. Thus, if you don’t want to lose your company info then check out.

How to Backup your Company File in QuickBooks?

  • Choose file then click on the backup company.
  • If there is no backup company then create local backup.
  • Select local backup.
  • Select the options button.
  • In front of your screen, the window will appear that will say backup my files.
  • Click on the browse and select the location where you want to have your backup copy.
  • If you have a file hosting service then choose the additional folders from it.
  • Click ok and then Click next.
  • Select save it now and then Click finish.
  • The process of storing backups will begin.

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  • How can I Restore a Company File in QuickBooks?

    Restore a Company File in QuickBooks

    ● Open your QuickBooks and click the File option
    ● Choose Open or Restore Company
    ● Hit on Restore a backup copy
    ● Select Next option
    ● Click Local Backup and then hit on Next.
    ● Browse the backup company file
    ● Choose a folder to save the restore file.
    ● Hit on Open
    ● Once you are prepared, click on the Save button

  • How can I Prevent Overwriting of the Data?

    Overwriting of the Data

    For preventing overwriting, you need to rename the backup file or existing company file to give a unique name. This helps in the ease of recognizing and saving in an individual folder.

  • What is the meaning of the Term Path When Deleting a Company File from QuickBooks?

    Term Path When Deleting a Company File from QuickBooks

    Path referred to the file location, which leads the user to the file in which company files are stored. For instance, C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks\Company Files(the name of your file).qbw.)

  • What is the Meaning of Disc Image when you try to Delete a Company File in Mac?

    Disk image files are copies of the file you downloaded from the internet. When deleting the file, you need to delete those disk image files to delete the company file completely. The Disk image contains the copy image created by QuickBooks Mac each time you use the software.

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