Add Discount to Invoice or Sales Receipt in QuickBooks Online

The favorite customer is always the business on priority to get “discounts on both sales receipt and invoice“. The discount item creation mainly involves the recording of a discount into an invoice that has already been recorded in QuickBooks.

The discount item refers to the item on the line immediately above its location until added. Discount items can only be included on invoices, and sales items or coupons taken directly from the list should not be included. You can also provide your client with a percentage or absolute dollar amount that discounts the total price of an item. For more information about how to add a discount to an invoice or sales receipt in QuickBooks Online, read this article till the end.

Instruction Steps to Add Discount to Invoice or Sales Receipt in QuickBooks Online

Check out easy and reliable steps in order to add a discount to your invoice or sales receipt in QuickBooks Online:

Step 1: Turn on the Discount Feature

If you want to make use of the discounts feature for your favorite customers then turn it on:

  • Go to the Settings >> Account and Settings
  • From the menu, you have to select the Sales tab
  • Now, select the pencil icon in order to edit in the Sales Form Content section
  • After that, select the checkbox “Discount” to turn it
  • At last, select Save followed by doing.

With this process, the discount fields will add to your invoices and sales receipts. QuickBooks Online also creates a Discount for the given account in order to track everything on your chart of accounts.

Step 2: Apply a Discount

In this, you can discount a percentage or specific amount. You can edit the discount field on your invoice or sales receipt:

  • Initially, select + New button
  • Next, pick the Invoice or Sales Receipt
  • Now, you have to products and services
  • Once done then fill out the remaining information in the relevant fields
  • Pick the Discount value or Discount percentage to enter the discount as a specific amount or a percentage
  • After that, enter the amount that you would like to discount in the relevant discount field
  • In case, if you don’t want to discount the total before you calculate sales tax then you have to choose the arrow icon which is next to the discount field.
  • Once you’re done then select the Save & Send or Save & Close button.

Steps to Add a Discount Item with a Fixed Price

If you want to set discounts for set amounts, create a new product item that you can add to sales receipts or invoices:

Step 1: Generate a Discount Item

  • Go to the Settings and then select Products and Services
  • Next, create a new item by selecting the New option
  • After that, select Non-inventory or Service for the type
  • Give a name to the item Discount
  • If you want to create multiple discount items then give different names so that they can easily be identified
  • Enter the discount as a negative amount in the Sales price/rate field
  • Keep a thing in mind that this is a dollar amount and not a percentage
  • Using the drop-down menu of the Income account, you have to choose the Discount given account
  • QuickBooks will generate this account for you once the discount feature is enabled
  • Select the Nontaxable option using the drop-down menu of the Sales tax category
  • At last, click Save & Close.

Step 2: Add the Discount to an Invoice or Sales Receipt

  • Firstly, you have to select + New symbol
  • Next, select the Sales Receipt or Invoice option
  • After that, you have to add the Discount item which you have just created
  • You can also adjust the discount amount if you require to do so
  • You have to only make sure that it should be a Negative amount
  • Once you’re done with the above steps then select Save & Send or Save & New option (if you have to create more new invoices or sales receipts).

Hopefully, this article covered all the major steps regarding how to add a discount to an invoice or sales receipt in QuickBooks Online. The team will dedicatedly be committed to serving your doubts all round the clock.

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What are the Ways to Add Discounts to Items and Invoices in QuickBooks?

There are two ways to apply discounts to invoices either applying them against a single item or applying them against all items in the invoice. Both types of accounts can be configured in QuickBooks and used at different times based on the business requirements.

🔹 Applying a discount against a single item: Create a discount item and apply the discount to an item.
🔹 Applying a discount against all items in an invoice: Create a subtotal item and apply a discount to the subtotal.

How to Create a Subtotal Item to Apply a Discount to all items in an Invoice?

in order to apply a discount against all the items to an invoice, you first require adding a line to subtotal all items in an invoice. Then a discount can be applied to the subtotal of the invoice. The subtotal item is created similarly to the way the discount item was created:

🔹 Go to the Lists menu and then select the “Item List”
🔹 Next, move to the item menu at the bottom of your screen using the pop-up menu
🔹 Pick the “Subtotal” using the drop-down list under the Type in the Item Details
🔹 Give a name to the item along with an optional description
🔹 At last, click on the Save in order to save all the items.

What to do if the Discount Column is not Visible in the Printed Sales, Invoice, Receipt, Estimate, or Credit Note in QuickBooks?

In this case, you’re unable to see the discount column is not visible in the printed sales, invoice, receipt, estimate, or credit note in QuickBooks. You can easily preview them by applying the below steps:

🔹 In the beginning, go to the Gear icon and then click Customers Form Styles
🔹 Move to the Action column which is next to the Style called Standard
🔹 After that, click Edit and the Content tab
🔹 Click Preview at the top right and then select the section in the middle
🔹 Here, you’ll be able to see the Columns list that can be shown on the left side of your screen
🔹 Now, you have to make sure that the field labeled Discount should be checked
🔹 At last, click next followed by the done tab.

How to Enable Line Level or item-wise Discount in QuickBooks?

🔹 Go to the Gear icon >> Company Settings
🔹 Select the Sales in the left panel
🔹 Click the option called “Sales Form Content”
🔹 Put a tick or enable the option called “Item-wise discount”
🔹 Hit the Save followed by the done tab.

You can apply the same to your invoice as well:

🔹 Initially, select + New >> Invoice
🔹 Go to the Gear icon at the top right of your invoice screen
🔹 Put a tick or enable the option called “Item-wise Discount” in the drawer that slides out from the right side.

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