Create an Invoice and Convert Estimates into an Invoice in QuickBooks


An invoice tool in QuickBooks accounting software is the simple application that you can use to send the invoices and getting payment in no time. Let’s start our article about the “Create an Invoice and Convert Estimates into an Invoice in QuickBooks“.

How to Create an Invoice in QuickBooks:

  • Login to QuickBooks and click the +sign on the right top.
  • On window that appears click on the “invoice” button.
  • Choose a customer tab and then click on the add new button where you will fill in the name of the customer in the invoice.
  • Click “+ details” button.
  • Then select your terms, invoice date and due date.
  • Add product/service, description, quantity, rate and amount.
  • Click on add line if you want to add some more details.
  • You can even write messages, statement memo and attachments if you want to.
  • You can also adjust your invoice template, color, font from the bottom of the screen.
  • To preview your invoice, click on the preview button or print your invoice.

In the above given steps we helped you on “How to create an invoice in QuickBooks online” but it is very important for you to know what exactly is an invoice. An invoice is a transaction for which the customers have to make payments to the issuers. These documents are assets to the issuers and is a liability to the customers.

Invoices Recognize the Following Information:

  • The date of shipment or when the services being delivered.
  • The invoice number.
  • The name and address of the seller.
  • The name and address of the buyer
  • The full details about the items that are being purchased.
  • The quantities and the total cost of the items being purchased.
  • If you have owed any sales taxes.
  • If you have owned grand total.
  • Payment terms.

As above, you have understood about how you can record your invoices and what invoices are. Now you might be eager to know how they can be helpful, then follow the simple steps to get over it from your problem.

Steps that will help you to Convert your Estimates into an Invoice.

  • Firstly go on the sales tab and click on the estimate or quote.
  • Click on the customer’s name you will able to see the status.
  • Now go on to the status icon and change the status to accepted.
  • Click save to change the status of the estimate.
  • Then you can convert an estimate into invoice from the sales screen.
  • Now Click on the start invoice button.
  • Fill the invoice details and then click on the save.
  • You will see that status of estimate has been closed and the invoice status has now been opened in front of your screen.

After reading all the things you might have understood all the things about invoices you can further create invoices from the estimate in stages in spite of creating one for the full amount of the estimates.

Steps to Create Invoices from Estimate

  • On the side menu click on the “customer” tab.
  • Now on the top of the page you will see the money bar from that click on the estimates tab.
  • In the row of customers you have created your estimates.
  • Click on the start invoice in the action column.
  • Now click on the add button for the estimate you want to add to the invoices.
  • That’s all you have created your invoice from the estimate.

Why Invoice is useful for you in QuickBooks.

Sends Invoices Right from the Software: As we all know that QuickBooks is the top most software that is used in small business accounting software, it makes simple for you to send the invoices to your customers and it will get paid faster when you invoicing with QuickBooks.

Saves time: QuickBooks helps you to automate various tasks correctly and helps you to save your lot of time. QuickBooks helps you to convert estimates into invoices. Now the question arises that how you can convert estimates into invoices then as you read further you will get this answers. You can even send invoices individually or even to the group.

Modify your Invoices: It will help you to modify your invoices. In just few clicks your company logo, color, contact information can be modified which saves a lot of your time.

Now you may be thinking about the question that how we can convert estimates into invoices? Converting an estimate into an invoice is easy in QuickBooks. We have tried to explain the best we can but if you still face any issues while working with your QuickBooks copy and then contact us at our QuickBooks support number (based in Canada).