QuickBooks Payroll Work


QuickBooks Pro, designed by Intuit, came into existence with the aim of helping small to mid-sized businesses with their bookkeeping. QuickBooks comes in various editions like QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise, Payroll and Accountant. Of these editions QuickBooks Payroll set up with QuickBooks Pro offers many advanced benefits for both the software.

With that said, here is…

How does QuickBooks Payroll Work?

  • Go to your Employees window and then click on ‘Get started on Payroll’ option.
  • You may be using different payroll service or opting to do it manually.
  • With these steps you can fully transfer your payroll requirements with impeccable QuickBooks Payroll software.
  • Type in the details about the company from its contact details to the business type and industry.
  • Now provide bank details in the space provided that will be used for paying employees (in case of Direct Deposits) and taxes.
  • Also provide routing and account number against the field indicated. Now click on ‘Continue’.
  • Add in the employees for which payroll is set up.
  • Type in their names as well as the date of hiring.
  • Now put in more personal details of the employees in the field indicative of the same.
  • Click on ‘Enter a Pay Schedule’ tab.
  • On the Pay Schedule screen type in the pay details like how often you wish to pay the employees along with next date for the pay.
  • These setting can be used for any one employee or of all the employees, as per your preference.
  • Now click on ‘Done’ tab.
  • Give the amount details of the employees and their salaries.
  • Now in this screen you need to provide the deductions faced by the employees and then select ‘Done’ tab.
  • Once you have accorded all the required details of the employees you will be taken to another section named ‘Compliance’ after click on ‘Next’ tab.
  • In this new screen you will asked for your company’s tax details so that correct tax report can be formed for in time tax payment.
  • In this last section type in the details of principal officer of the company.
  • This is done so that proper verification can be done with the principal officer to avoid fraud.

The QuickBooks Payroll is one of the kind software that can easily integrate with the QuickBooks accounting software which accords enhanced services for both the software. Though the steps given above can pretty much assist you in setting up payroll taxes in QuickBooks, but if you still face any issue then directly connect with the support team at QuickBooks payroll. In case the customer support is not getting linked you can contact www.askforaccounting.com.