Setup Payroll Taxes in QuickBooks Pro

How to Setup Payroll Taxes in QuickBooks

To setup QuickBooks for payroll taxes you would first need to have the below-given information handy. If you don’t have access to them already then we would suggest you check this out with the provider who was earlier handling the payroll of your company.

  • First and foremost, the company’s bank account number would be required.
  • This will be entered into the system to do subsequent transactions.
  • Any benefits or compensation that your company’s employees are eligible for. If there are then:
    • What types of benefits they are eligible for like any bonuses, commissions, etc?
    • What types of compensation they are eligible for like any insurance or retirement plans?
    • Any advances or reimbursements they are availing.
  • Details of your staff:
    • A complete W-4 form.
    • Their salary details,
    • Any deductions like their contribution towards insurance etc.
    • When they get paid. Paying frequency.
    • Since how long have they been working with the company?
    • Their bank account details.
  • Tax details:
    • ID number: This will include details related to ID numbers from regulated authorities like the IRS or state-run agencies.
    • Enrollment number from EFTPS.
    • Tax rates or surcharge details if applicable.
  • Previous details:
    • If you are starting in the middle of the financial year and are already paying your staff then all that information will also be required. This will help QuickBooks to calculate payrolls more easily.

How to Setup Payroll Taxes in QuickBooks

Once you have all the information handy and easily accessible you would now want to set up your taxes. Now your setup process will a lot depend on the QuickBooks version you are using. Thus here are the universal steps, you would need to follow to set up payroll taxes within QuickBooks.

  • The very first step in your process would be to activate your payroll account within QuickBooks. You can do that by:
    • Login to your QuickBooks account. From the top side navigation bar, click on the Employees tab.
    • In the window that appears now, click on the payrolls tab. From the drop-down menu click on the service key tab.
    • Here you will need to feed in the service key that you got at the time of the purchase of payroll software.
  • Click on the “+” button and you will get access to the window wherein you will submit the service key.
  • If you don’t already have the key with you then check out the mail you got from the vendor.
  • Usually, the key is present in the confirmation mail that you receive soon after the purchase.
  • If you are still not able to locate the key then we would request you to connect with experts via live chat.
  • Our QuickBooks experts will then get in touch with you and help you locate the same.
  • Once you have the service key with you then enter the same in the box provided and hit Next.
  • You will then receive a notification stating that your payroll account has been activated.
  • Click Ok and exit the window.
  • Now you would launch the program with QuickBooks. This you will do by:
    • Clicking on the Employees tab.
    • This will open up the scroller.
    • Choose to set up payroll. A new window will now appear. Herein you will be required to feed in the info. Here follow the prompts and your setup will be initiated.

If you need any further help then talk to our QuickBooks Consultant team. To talk to QuickBooks consultant professional staff dial our toll-free number.