Create a Sales Order in QuickBooks

How to Create a Sales Order in QuickBooks

The article has been compiled to record your sales that are meant to be fulfilled shortly. With the most advanced and groundbreaking accounting software create a Sales Order in QuickBooks can be carried out quite effortlessly.

By creating a sales order you can help to keep track of items that have been promised to customers. Usually, Generating a sales order is a standard A/R step in QuickBooks Desktop. Accounts Receivable workflows encompass a wide range of operations and other customer-related transactions.

Steps to Turn on the Sales order

You may need to take note of the below-mentioned steps carefully.

  • First, as Admin, proceed to Log in to the QuickBooks business file.
  • Next step, choose Preferences, From the QuickBooks Edit menu. 
  • After the subsequent step, proceed to Select Sales & Customers from the left pane, then choose Company Preferences.
  • Finally, select the Enable Sales Order option, before clicking OK.

How to Create a Sales Order from Scratch and an Estimate in QuickBooks Desktop

For creating a Sales order in QuickBooks, follow the below-mentioned steps follow accurately to avoid any unnecessary errors.

Steps to Create a Sales Order from Scratch

The steps are as follows

  • For the foremost step, Go to Sales Orders/Create Sales Orders from the QuickBooks Home page or the Customers menu.
  • After the subsequent step, From the Customer: Task drop-down menu, choose a customer or a customer job.
  • Next, proceed to click Add New to add it, if the customer or job is not already on the list.
  • Once the above step is done, at the top of the form, proceed to fill in the relevant information, such as the date and S.O. NO.
  • Thereafter, choose an item from the detail section.
  • If in case you to apply for a discount, you must first create a discount item. For doing the same, follow through:
    • First, Select Item List from the QuickBooks Lists menu.
    • Next, Right-click somewhere and select New.
    • Now, Select Discount from the Type drop-down menu in the New Item box.
    • After the subsequent step, Enter a name/number for the item and a brief description.
    • Next, proceed to Enter the discount amount or percentage in the Amount or% area.
    • From the Account drop-down menu, Select the revenue account you wish to use to track client discounts.
    • Now, Choose a suitable Tax Code for the item, then click OK.
  • Finally, Click the Save & Close button.

There is also another way, to create a sales order from an estimate.
In some cases If you’ve previously given your clients an estimate and need to create a sales order for it, follow these steps.

Steps to Create a Sales Order from an Estimate

  • The very first step, proceed to Locate and open the appropriate estimate.
  • Next, Click Create Sales Order at the top of the estimate form.
  • After the subsequent step, when the sales order arrives, further proceed to make any required modifications.
  • Thereafter, Select the Save & Close option.
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