How to Print Past Due Invoices In QuickBooks

In this article read how to “print past due invoices in QuickBooks” with 13 easy steps. QuickBooks gives its users quite a lot of features that enable them to keep their finances up to date.

One such feature is the option of printing past due date invoices. If you are in search of a query on how to print past due Invoices in QuickBooks then you have come to the right place. Here we will not only show you the steps but will help you guide you through the overall process.

How to Print Past Due Invoices In QuickBooks

Past due invoices are a useful way of reminding the customers about their due bills. On the regular invoice templates, the past due balance does not show up. However, with a few alterations, a new box can be added that would show the prior balance along with the existing one in the current invoice.

Steps to Print Past Due Invoices

  • Open the QuickBooks Desktop company page.
  • From the home page select and click on Create Invoices.
  • Select the past invoice that you want to print as a Past Due invoice.
  • You can find the past due invoice by back clicking on the Find arrow.
  • On finding an invoice that shows Past Due you can check whether on the invoice that is to be printed the ‘Past Due’ tag is reflected or not.
  • You can check that by clicking on the Print icon on the top.
  • Select Preview and you will see the invoice does not show the Print Due tag.
  • Close the invoice preview and go back to the main invoice page.
  • Click on the Formatting tab beside the Main.
  • Next click on Customize Data Layout.
  • A new window will open with the heading ‘Additional Customization.

Note: If you are in the QuickBooks template then it might ask you to copy the template and that you cannot change the original template. In that case, you have to make a copy of the template and then do the customization of the invoice.

  • After copying the template enter the name of the new invoice in the New Template field and click on OK.
  • Next, go down to the Options and click on it.
  • Next click on Basic Customization.
  • A new window will open with the header Basic Customization.
  • On that page, you will see the option Print Past Due Stamp.
  • Check the box beside it.
  • Next click on OK.
  • The main page with the invoice will open again with the message ‘Past Due visible on prints & emails for this invoice’ under the Past Due tag.

Note: There is also a toggle feature ‘Turn off’ or ‘Turn On’ written in blue. This gives you the option if you want to remove the Past Due tag from the invoice while printing.

  • To check if the Past Due tag is in the invoice that is to be printed, then click on the Print icon on the top.
  • Next to the list click on Preview.
  • You will see that on the invoice Past Due is added.

There are also options of adding the past due amounts in the new invoices that you want to send to the customers. For that follow the next steps:

  • After duplicating the original invoice template and naming it to click on Additional Customization.
  • Select the Footer tab and beside the Customer Total Balance check the boxes.
  • Next check the boxes next to Job Total Balance and finally OK.

Hope you are now well sorted with your query on how to print past due invoices in QuickBooks and print all invoices in QuickBooks software, if you face any issue while printing invoices, then dial us toll-free. QuickBooks Consultant team can take care of any issue that you might have. Thus wait no longer and get yourself sorted now.

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