Delete a Company in QuickBooks POS

Delete a Company from QuickBooks Point of Sale

Though it is easy to feed in if you don’t know how to delete a company in QuickBooks POS then continue reading. Every data stored within QuickBooks POS is safe and secure but sometimes there is a need to delete the said data.

QuickBooks POS is a wonderful software that can help in completing work much faster and in a more streamlined way. QuickBooks can be understood by a layman too while working on the software. It is software in the accounting domain in today’s times. Usually while working on QuickBooks POS, users might have questions and queries regarding what to do in some circumstances. One such question that arises is how to delete company data in QuickBooks POS. Let us explore a little more about it to understand the steps in depth.

Steps on How to Delete a Company in QuickBooks POS

Before initiating the process, a copy of the data should be there for future reference. Save it for removable media or some other system. POS can store data in varied locations based on the version of Windows. Follow these steps to delete a company in the QuickBooks POS process…

  • In the case of Windows XP, files can be found in C: Documents and SettingsAll UsersDocumentsIntuitQuickBooks Point of Sale x.x (x.x would be your POS version).
  • Windows 7 or Vista, files can be found in C: UsersPublicDocumentsIntuitQuickBooks Point of Sale x.x.
  • The sub folder name will be Data and a different folder in it with the company file name.
  • Remove the complete folder named QuickBooks Point of Sale.
  • This will delete all the company data files.
  • Backups will also be deleted from the default location.
  • If the backup is outside the system, in that case, search for files named “.qbp”.
  • These are QuickBooks Point of Sale backup files.
  • In case, the search shows the results, delete them.
  • After deleting, check the recycle bin. Empty it.

Now all important data of the organization related to POS data files and their backup have been deleted from the system completely. Ask for Accounting is the QuickBooks point of sale customer consultant team that has highly trained officials who can guide you at every step on how to delete a company in QuickBooks POS. They are available round the clock for all users.