Scan Invoices into QuickBooks

It is very simple to “scan your invoices within QuickBooks”. Here is how you can do that.

Scanning the invoices helps to maintain records in digital format. This further helps the document to easily get floated within different applications in QuickBooks. Maintaining records like such will help you make things readily available as and when you need them.

How to Scan Invoices into QuickBooks

If you are like most business owners, you spend a lot of time preparing your invoices for submission to your customers. However, there is an easier way to do this. You can easily scan your invoices and have them automatically entered into QuickBooks. This will save you a lot of time and hassle. Invoices can be a hassle to keep track of and process.

Step 1: Set your Program for Scanning

The very first thing you would need to do is to set up your QuickBooks and sync it with the scan manager. Here you would need to ensure that your scanner is actually working or not and is it able to sync with the current version of QuickBooks.

Steps 2: Scan your Invoices

  • To scan your documents you will need to open up the Doc Centre.
  • You can do that by locating the icon on the top navigation bar.
  • Once that is done, a window pop will appear (if that doesn’t appear then you must be using an older version).
  • Once inside, you will have to click on the scan a document button, doing which you will have to scan the doc.
  • Place your invoice inside the scanner and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • The scanner will then scan the image and the same will be added directly within your QuickBooks.
  • Thus, you no longer would have to import the doc from your docs.
  • Fill up all the details that will follow along and your DOC will now be stored within the program in a PDF format.
  • Once all is done, click ok and save the doc.

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