QuickBooks Scan Manager Not Working

Here you will explore the causes of the error and how to troubleshoot QuickBooks Scan manager not working. QuickBooks scan manager is a widely used tool to scan transactions like sale receipts, bills, invoices, and other transactions.

These files can be easily imported and categorized through the scan manager software. In this article, you will learn about setting up QuickBooks Scan Manager, and sometimes the error occurs while implementing the tool.

What are the Reasons that Cause QuickBooks Scan Manager Not Working

The reasons are listed below that you must aware of why this error happens. The reasons are as follows:

  • The installation file of the scan manager can be damaged or corrupted.
  • The driver is not working properly.
  • Set up is not done in a proper manner of something is missing.

How to Fix QuickBooks Scan Manager Not Working Issue

If you are facing this QuickBooks Scan Manager Not Working issue then you would need to make sure that you are using the latest version of QuickBooks. In order to check that your piece of software is up to date, just follow the steps along.

  • Minimize all the active windows and locate the QuickBooks shortcut icon on your desktop.
  • Right-click on the QB icon and a list of options will appear. From the options provided click on the properties tab.
  • From the window that appears, select the find target option and a file with the name QBW32.exe will appear.
  • Right-click on the file to select properties.
  • A dialogue window will appear, select the General tab from there.
  • Select the versions tab and under the name of the item, click on the version of the file.
  • Here you will see a code like 20.0D R6.
  • This would mean that you are using the 2010 version of QuickBooks with a release version 6.
  • Since you know the QuickBooks version resting on your desktop, check out for any latest version by simply making a quick Google search for the latest update.
  • You can also do that by looking for it in QuickBooks itself.
  • Click on the help section of the program.
  • This you can find on the top navigation bar.
  • From the drop menu that will appear, click on update QuickBooks.
  • Select options and checkmark on “Mark all” options so that you can download all the QuickBooks updates and that too automatically.
  • Hit save and click on the update now button.
  • On the next window that appears click check on the Reset update button.
  • Now you will see a pop-up appearing that says that your download has been completed. Click close the window.
  • Log off and re-login to your QuickBooks accounts and your scan manager will start to work.

How to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Scan Manager Issues?

Several scenarios occur when the QuickBooks scan manager creates an error when you implement the tool. Below-mentioned is the list of trouble shootings steps you need to follow to resolve the issue.

Error 1: Could not scan error when TWAIN driver is not available

Here are the steps:

  • Verify if initially, you use a TWAIN-complaint scanner
  • Start testing the scanner externally to verify the scanner is working fine.
  • If not, that means an error exists inside the scanner. In such a scenario, you require to reach out to the scanner manufacturer to resolve the QuickBooks Scan Manager. If still, you find the error, then proceed with further resolution.

Error 2: Error message with the Code – 281 or 1

Here are the steps to fix the error:

  • Initially, delete the active scan profile and then create a new profile.
  • After this, locate the window to modify the user account settings.
  • After this, you need to repair QuickBooks software and retry the scan process.
  • Re-install the application to use the Clean Install feature
  • At last, again set up the QuickBooks Scan Manager to start the scanning of the transactions.

How to Set Up QuickBooks Scan Manager to Avoid the Error?

To streamline the QuickBooks scan manager’s working without any error, you need to perform the setup procedure carefully. Here is the list of steps to setup Scan Manager in QuickBooks:

Step 1: First Make Scan Profile

Initially, you have to create a scan profile. Here are the steps:

  • Locate the QuickBooks icon
  • Choose Doc to display the Doc Center.
  • After this hit on Scan a Document
  • Select on an appropriate Scan Profile and click on the Continue option
  • Now adjust and modify the profile settings according to the need.
  • Once done, hit on the Save option to apply all the modifications.
  • The default location of the scanned documents is the folder with the QuickBooks company file.

Step 2: Proceed with setting up and verifying the QuickBooks Scan Manager in All mode

Here are the steps to set up and verify the QB scan manager:

  • First highlight the profile
  • Choose the Select button.
  • Locate Scanner Window and click Scanner Setup Wizard
  • Choose Normal Mode to proceed next.
  • Place the checkmark on the Perform Tests.
  • Hit on the Next option
  • Now perform the testing in the scanner.
  • Click on the Next option to proceed with the scanner test
  • Now click on the checkmark of the box to resume the scanning test in other modes.
  • Repeat the testing process to verify all modes and then hit on Next button

The above-mentioned steps will help you proceed with the QuickBooks scan manager’s set up to maintain the software’s optimal performance and prevent the QuickBooks scan manager from not working issue.

Hopefully, the information mentioned above about how to set up Scan Manager is enough to proceed with the setup and you can also set up then use barcode scanning in QuickBooks. If you face any concerns or need to explore more from experts, then call the QuickBooks error consultant number. A team hub is sitting there to take the error assessment and fix it without keeping you delayed.


  • How can I Add my Payment Receipts to QuickBooks?

    ● You can use Scan Manager in QuickBooks to attach the receipts in QuickBooks to pull the information whenever required.

  • Where does QuickBooks Scan Manager Save the Files?

    ● Scan Manager usually saves the file in the same folder in which there is a company file is located.

  • How can I Switch user Account Settings in Windows while fixing Scan Manager Errors?

    ● Open the Run window in your system.
    ● Enter Control Panel
    ● Hit on the Ok button
    ● Choose User Accounts
    ● Click on User Accounts
    ● Hit on Change user account control settings
    ● Choose the Yes option to continue.
    ● Now move down the slider.
    ● Adjust to Never Notify
    ● Choose the Ok button to turn UAF off.
    ● Now set to Always Notify and then choose the Ok button to turn UAC ON.
    ● Restart the system

  • Are Scanning Invoices allowed in QuickBooks Online?

    ● Yes, there is a QuickBooks scan manager tool available to improve the importing of the files like receipts, invoices, and other transactions.

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