Transfer QuickBooks License to Another Computer

Transfer QuickBooks License to Another Computer

If you want to migrate your accounting program then here is “how to transfer QuickBooks license to another computer” with ease. QuickBooks is highly compatible software that can be easily used in any system you want.

Thus, worry not if you want to use the same program on a newer computer.

Please note Installing QuickBooks onto a different system won’t at all hamper your QuickBooks license. Thus if you are using QuickBooks desktop and want to use the files on another desktop then the same can be done easily.

Here is Steps- How to Transfer QuickBooks License to Another Computer

“Just install QuickBooks on the system you want to use and delete the same from the older computer. You will successfully be able to transfer your data.”

Here is what is required to be done:

  • The first step would be to create a back-up.
  • Download the back-up onto a new system.
  • Now install your accounting program onto your new system.
  • Restore your files within QuickBooks,
  • Delete the program from your older computer.

Transfer QuickBooks Files One to Another Computer

Since you will be transferring your business financials, thus you would want to make sure that you maintain a safe backup. Here are the steps you would need to follow to create a backup file of your business accounts.

  • You can get the data onto an external storage. Just simply connect the USB drive to a computer where QuickBooks files are stored.
  • Now login to your software account and navigate to your Company file.
  • Under the top navigation panel, choose the file’s tab then from the drop down menu, click on create backup.
  • Choose the local back-up tab and then click on the options menu.
  • This will open up your desktop window. From here locate where the USB drive is stored. Click on the external device and mark it as the default location where the back-up files will be restored.
  • Save this location. Once done your backup will be created soon.

Download the Backup and Install QuickBooks onto your Newer System.

This is self-explanatory as you would only be required to copy QuickBooks files and paste them onto your newer system. For this just insert the USB device and move the files onto your desktop. Simultaneous even install QuickBooks within your new system. This you can do either from the CD you purchased or by installing it online from the Intuit website.

Restore your Back-up