Importance of Deleting Transactions from QuickBooks

Although recoding every entry from your bank is a good thing. But it is required to clean up the records every now and then. It seems only logical to ensure that records stay clutter-free.


QuickBooks will enable you for this part as well. It can record each transaction for your business and it can help you keep it streamlined as well. Keeping it clutter-free will help you tally the records better and your financial planning will become much easier and less time-consuming.

All you need to do is to ensure that you remove, delete or void all the transactions which are either very old, duplicate entries, or failed transactions. This will make your work much easier and more stress-free. Any record that is 10 years old, you may want to archive it or get rid of it. You should forget about those long hours that included wondering about certain transactions and their sources. This new approach will keep things logical and process shorter than you think. Within a few minutes, yards like reports can be done in a few clicks.

How it Works: Deleting Transactions from QuickBooks

As a most recommended suggestion, it is better to void the transactions in QuickBooks instead of deleting it. As once you delete the transaction, it’s gone forever from the account until or unless you keep backup data for the same. But voiding transactions will hide those entries unless you wish them to appear again. This will add relevancy and accuracy to your report maintenance. To do so, you have to follow these specific set of steps that are given below.

  • Sign in QuickBooks account
  • Look for the Sales or Expense menu on the left side.
  • Search the transaction you wish to get rid off and open it.
  • Double check the transaction just to eliminate the possibility of mistake
  • You also need to make sure whether you wish to void or delete it permanently.
  • If you want to include the specific date of void or delete, then add a note to the Memo or Message section.
  • Click on more in the footer. Then Choose Void or Delete.
  • Select yes to confirm.
🔊 Note: You can choose to void only one transaction at a time. Since this change will be permanent, QuickBooks has a limit of how many entries you can void to prevent mistakes.

This smart well-versed tool of the accounting platform helps your business to thrive in the industry. When you have every detail and your financial details at your tip, you need not to base further on anybody else. Like any pro, you should be able to keep things well managed and everything is literally on your tip. More than quick processing, its ease of navigation will impress you. For this, you need not be of certain financial background. Any one of us, can learn the ways and explore this tool to use for advantage.

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