Make an Inactive Customer Active in QuickBooks


What if you have inactive customers on QuickBooks online and you want them, back again? Can you get them back or reinstate to the active forms? If you can, what is that you need to do to make the impossible possible? Well with QuickBooks, you can never be in jostle. Read “how to make an Inactive Customer Active in QuickBooks” with ease.

Customer in QuickBooks

Deleting customers in QuickBooks is the idea one user gets when he or she feels the least importance of the customers at the moment. We still can’t ignore the fact that there can be a time when you might, feel the need of a customer made inactive by you in the past. If you have come across this dilemma, then the process that we shall follow is a must for you to remember.

Please follow along as the process is simple and yet achievable. Many users after having followed this process have got the liberty of removing customers frequently. This kind of removal was a task earlier as no one could imagine losing any customer data. With that being said please follow along as we walk you through the step by step guide on how to make multiple customers inactive in QuickBooks online.

How to Make an Inactive Customer Active in QuickBooks:

Inactive Customer Active in QuickBooks

Now this is no more a question. It has got the answer with all the promises to fulfill your need of activating an inactive customer once again. The steps involved are Customers > Gear Icon > Action > Include Inactive > Open the Customer > Make Active. There is a process involved to get this done and below is a list that you cannot say no to.

Total Time: 15 minutes

Step 1:

🔹 The first step towards getting the task at hand is opening QuickBooks on your desktop or any device.

Step 2:

🔹 Now on the home screen, select Customers Center.

Step 3:

🔹 On the far right hand corner, you will see small Gear which needs to be selected.

Step 4:

🔹 There are drop down in that Gear option. From there, choose Select Include Inactive or Deleted Customers.

Step 5:

🔹 Now you will see QuickBooks inactive customer report.

Step 6:

🔹 Now mark your selection for the customer that you may want to reactivate within QB.

Step 7:

🔹 After making the selection, click on Reactivate Customer from the list.

Step 8:

🔹 Click on Make Active which you will find on the Customer Profile Screen.

Step 9:

🔹 You will be notified with a message that says Customer to Delete is now back on the active mode.

Step 10:

🔹 Your Inactive Customer will be active by now.

Wasn’t that a cake walk? Many users have been benefited with this steps and getting those Inactive Customer Active in QuickBooks or know QuickBooks inactive customer report. Though the above given steps are good enough to let you get things even. But if you still face issues then you need to get in touch with our customer care help center. Though we are based in Canada but you can dial us from anywhere. Make a call to us at our QuickBooks support number.