QuickBooks Inactive Customer Report


Sometimes working with QuickBooks is so easy that you find it hard to shift to manual practices of bookkeeping. With QuickBooks almost anything can be done that is possible manually. Want to manage payroll…! Possible with QB. Want to create “QuickBooks Inactive Customer Report“…! Just click a button and you will have your reports in hand. This is because the software provides everything in-house and you never find the need of anything else.

Though QuickBooks is useful even when used as a standalone program it becomes all more beneficial when other utility programs are used. These programs can be like:

  • Transaction Pro importer or
  • Invoice to bill program or
  • Inactivating QuickBooks customers etc,

All the programs listed above help you reduce your labor work by increasing productivity. Though there are many snippets of codes that are readily available and help you do your task with ease, here we will talk about QuickBooks in-built feature. “QuickBooks Inactive Customer Report”.

Create and Run QuickBooks Inactive Customer Report

If your customer list becomes messy and you want to filter out all your inactive clients then QuickBooks Inactive Customer Report will come in handy. This simple report will allow you to frame a strategy to get these very customers back in business. It can further help you in minimizing any confusion and thus simplify your task a bit further.

QuickBooks Inactive Customer Report: Specify Status

  • Login to your QuickBooks company dashboard and click on the customer center
  • From the window that now appears, click on the edit
  • Locate Customers: Job tab and hit the Add/Edit option.
  • From the displayed window, choose the Select list option and then choose the customer
  • Click on the select view tab and choose “All or active customers” tab from the drop-down menu.
  • Scroll to the top navigation bar and right click on it to choose to customize
  • From the list of options provided check mark the inactive, This will now create a dedicated column for you to include inactive customers. This will pick all the customers; filter out them on the basis of their status.
  • Now, check mark the radio button alongside each and every customer that you want to mark as inactive.


If you are running a small business and don’t have a lengthy list of clients then you can individually mark them inactive. This you can do by right clicking on the customer’s tab within customer center and change their status to inactive.

Run Report: QuickBooks Inactive Customers

Now that you have specified your inactive customer, it’s time to run QuickBooks inactive customer report. Follow the steps and run your report with ease:

  • Within your QuickBooks dashboard, click on the reports If you can’t locate this already then drag your mouse on the left-hand side of your screen.
  • Within the search box provided, type in Customer contact.
  • Within results, you will see “Customer contact list” option. Click on it and choose the customize option.
  • From the status option, choose inactive from the predefined list.
  • Run the report and what you will see now is the list of all your inactive customers.

QuickBooks Customer Report with No Sales

Though creating a report of inactive customers is now easy as you get a predefined list of status options to choose from, but what if you want customer list with no or fewer sales. Follow the steps below to do so:

  • From QuickBooks company dashboard, click on the reports
  • Choose sales and then select sales by customers.
  • Select the date range from which you want to filter out your customers.
  • From the advanced filter tab, click on display rows Mark your selection to include 0’s. This will help you sort list with no sales.
  • Click OK and your list will finally be sorted.
  • If you want the customer report file to be exported to excel then click on the export icon and do the necessary modifications. Use the report as you want. You can even frame a strategy to get these very clients back in business.

Hope you are now able to get QuickBooks Inactive Customer Report and know how to import customer list. If you want any further help or still facing issues then you can immediately get in touch with our QuickBooks support staff at the earliest. You can even give us a call at our QuickBooks support help for USA, UK and Canada talk to our ProAdvisor now.