QuickBooks Error 1402

Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 1402 Installing Failed

Error code 1402 indicates the error while attempting to install QuickBooks Desktop. This QuickBooks error 1402 restricts opening the key: [key name]. This error occurs due to an issue with Windows user privileges or by problems with locked Windows Registry keys.

Error 1402 is a common error that can occur when you are using QuickBooks. This error occurs when QuickBooks cannot connect to the computer that you are using it on.

Causes behind QuickBooks Error 1402

When the QuickBooks error 1402 occurs it restricts you from installing the updates successfully.

  • Incorrect or incomplete program installation.
  • Your computer’s QuickBooks installation is corrupted.
  • Microsoft Windows hasn’t been updated in a long time.
  • The installation CD had been damaged.

QuickBooks suggests changing the registry, also notifying if any inappropriate change may cause the computer not to run properly or even the need to re-install the OS.

How to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 1402

If you’re experiencing an error on your QuickBooks account, there are a few common fixes you can try. Here below mentioned are the best solutions that you can follow to get rid of QuickBooks error 1402.

Resolution 1: Use the QuickBooks tool hub to install and run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

Follow the steps given below to troubleshoot the QuickBooks error 1402.

  • First and foremost, you must close QuickBooks.
  • Then you need to check that the most recent version of the QuickBooks tool hub should be downloaded.
  • After that, you must save the file where it can be easily accessed.
  • If you’ve already installed Tool Hub, look for the version you have.
  • Then go to the home tab. In the lower right corner, the version will be shown.
  • Following that, you must open the file you downloaded.
  • Now install by following the on-screen instructions and agreeing to the terms and conditions.
  • The following step is to select the installation concerns from the tool hub.
  • Finally, select QuickBooks to install the diagnostic tool and wait for it to fix the problem.


  • First, from Intuit’s official website, you may download the QuickBooks Install diagnostic utility.
  • Now check that all open programs are closed.
  • Run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool.
  • The time it takes to complete the process will vary depending on your computer’s speed and the speed of your internet connection.
  • Finally, restart your computer after the process is completed.

Resolution 2: Update Microsoft Windows and install any available updates

By upgrading QuickBooks and uploading the missing updates, the installation error can be resolved. The following are the steps you must take:

  • First, you need to click the Windows icon in the lower left-hand corner of your screen with the Start button on your keyboard.
  • Now check for updates by searching for it.
  • After that, click Check for Updates to see what updates are available.
  • The following step is to see that all pending updates should be installed.
  • Finally, restart the machine to see if anything has changed.

Resolution 3: Reinstall QuickBooks Desktop

You can get QuickBooks to install error 1402 due to a variety of factors, and it can have a negative influence on your productivity.

  • First Press the Start button.
  • After that, you need to type Control Panel into the search box.
  • Now once you open the Control Panel.
  • Then select Programs and Features.
  • After that, you need to Add or Remove Programs.
  • The following step is to locate QuickBooks.
  • After that, you must restart your computer.
  • After that, you must restart your computer.
  • Finally, Reinstall the QuickBooks desktop after restarting your computer.

Resolution 4: Uninstall and reinstall the Adobe Flash Player

If the error occurred during the installation of Adobe Flash Player, follow the steps that are mentioned below:

  • To begin, download and install the diagnostic tool, then run it.
  • Now select the Start menu from the drop-down menu.
  • In the search bar, type the control panel.
  • After that, click and open the control panel.
  • Then select the option to uninstall the software.
  • Now look for Adobe Flash Player ActiveX in the list of apps.
  • The following step is to select the option to uninstall.
  • Then, to finish the uninstallation, follow the onscreen prompts.
  • Finally, you need to download and reinstall Adobe Flash Player.

Resolution 5: Add QuickBooks to the exclusion list in Bitdefender

It should be highlighted that while this strategy is not required for everyone, it can be used by those who use Bitdefender. If you’re using Bitdefender, you won’t be able to remedy the problem by simply turning it off. You must add QuickBooks to the Bitdefender exclusion list.

  • First, you must add C: Program Files Common files to the exclusion list for 32-bit Windows OS.
  • Now make sure that C: Program Files Intuit (C: Program Files (x86)Intuit) must be included in the exclusion list for 64-bit Windows OS.

Resolution 6: Selective startup mode is a startup mode that allows you to choose what you want to do

You can eliminate QuickBooks error 1402 by using the selective startup option. This error could also be caused by third-party apps that prevent the installation from taking place. You can simply use the selective startup mode to attempt to fix the problem. You need to take care…

Step1: Preparing the data

  • First, you must make a backup of the company file.
  • Now keep a copy of the product and license information for the QuickBooks desktop.

Step 2: Enable the selected startup mode on the system

  • To open the run command in this scenario, hit Windows + R.
  • Now type MSConfig.
  • Then press the OK button.
  • In the general tab, select selective startup.
  • In addition, you can choose or load system services.
  • Go to the services tab and select Hide All Microsoft Services from the drop-down menu.
  • Finally, select the Disable All option.

Step 3: Uncheck the box that says Hide all Microsoft services

  • First, make sure the Windows Installer checkbox is selected from the list of services before proceeding.
  • You need to select the checkbox if this is not the case.
  • After that select the OK tab.
  • Finally, on the system configuration window, click on the restart.

Step 4: Remove or Reinstall QuickBooks desktop

  • First, open the Start menu in Windows.
  • Then access Control Panel by searching for Control Panel.
  • After that, you need to choose to uninstall a program or choose Programs and Features.
  • Now select the QuickBooks Desktop version you wish to remove from the given list of programs. 
  • Once done select Uninstall/Change.
  • After you choose it, you need to click on the Remove option.
  • Finally, the next should be selected.

Step 5: Return to the default startup mode of Normal

  • First, to open the run command, press Windows + R.
  • After that, choose the ok button after typing MSConfig.
  • You should select a regular startup from the general tab.
  • The following step is to select the OK button.
  • Finally, on the configuration window, you need to click on the restart option.

Resolution 7: Using the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

To use the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool to troubleshoot your installation, follow the steps that are given below:

  • First, start by going to the QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • After that select Installation Issues from the tool hub.
  • The following step is to select QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool from the drop-down menu. Now allow the tool to run. It might take up to 20 minutes to complete.
  • After the program has been completed, restart your computer.

There are a lot of different QuickBooks errors that can occur, and if you don’t know how to fix them, your business can be significantly impacted. The QuickBooks error 1402 is commonly encountered when working, installing, or using QuickBooks desktop or your company file. It can also happen if you use a Windows or Mac OS X computer with the corrupted QuickBooks payroll accounting software.

Now that you know how you can resolve QuickBooks error 1402, you can easily fix this error. However, if you are still stuck or have any queries, you can reach out to the customer helpdesk for easy and quick assistance. To get any help you can dial the QuickBooks error consultant phone number and get all the instant help for USA and Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it important to restart your computer once you have successfully fixed QuickBooks Error 1402?

Yes, it is important to restart your computer to successfully fix QuickBooks Error 1402. To restart follow the steps:
● First, go to the start option.
● Now choose the Power button.
● Finally, choose Restart from the drop-down menu.

Can you also resolve QuickBooks error 1402 using the repair of Windows components manually?

Yes, if the QuickBooks Install Tool and the update failed to resolve the issue, you can repair certain Windows components manually.
● First, Microsoft’s Windows Update Troubleshooter is available for download.
● Now double-click WindowsUpdateDiagnostic to open it.
● After that, you need to select Windows Update from the drop-down menu.
● Then press the Next button.
● After that select the option to troubleshoot as an administrator (if applicable).
● Finally, close the window with a click.