QuickBooks Error 80029c4a

QuickBooks Error 80029c4a

Let’s start our article about the “QuickBooks Error 80029c4a” loading type library/DLL problem. This is most common among QuickBooks 2014 users. The error displays an error code: 80029c4a.

QuickBooks accounting software has accomplished a position in the business management world with its variety of product versions. QuickBooks releases product updates very often. These product updates can be downloaded and installed to the QuickBooks version you are using. The product release comprises new features and improved existing features that enhance the speed and functionality of the software. Since technology has never been free from bugs and so is QuickBooks.

What’s mean QuickBooks Error 80029c4a

Normally this issue was accompanied by QuickBooks Error Code 80029c4a program not opening. When you are faced with the bug then the error message usually shown appears like:

Unexpected error reported when trying to run QuickBooks. Fix this now…

When you encounter the QuickBooks Error 80029C4A Loading Type Library/Dll problem. The software is prone to errors. People often report an unexpected error when running an application.

How does the Error Occur?

Error Code 80029c4a is an unexpected error that occurs when you try to open QuickBooks. The error is referred to with a specific error code 80029c4a and usually, occurs due to the incomplete or improper installation of the software update. Sometimes just restarting your computer might fix the issue and at times it may not resolve the issue.

How to Fix the QuickBooks Error 80029c4a- Error Loading Type Library/DLL

quickbooks error 80029c4a

When the error does not get resolved just by restarting your system, you need to follow the below-recommended steps.

Total Time: 35 minutes

Solution 1: Repair QuickBooks

🔹 Since the error is the result of a damaged file within QuickBooks, thus here we will try to repair the program. Follow the steps to do just that.
🔹 Close QuickBooks
🔹 Go to the Windows icon and click on it.
🔹 Locate and select the Control Panel
🔹 Select and click on the Uninstall or change program.
🔹 From the list select QuickBooks
🔹 Click on Uninstall/Change
🔹 A new window will open for QuickBooks Installation. Click on the Next icon.
🔹 Click on the Repair radio button and then click on Next.
🔹 At the bottom then click on Repair
🔹 On the completion of the process click on the Finish button.
🔹 This should repair the QuickBooks application.
🔹 To check to reboot the computer and open QuickBooks.
🔹 If it performs normally then you are good to go. In case the error persists, go to the next solution.

Solution 2: Update QuickBooks

update quickbooks

If repairing the QuickBooks does not fix the issue related to the 80029c4a error then do a clean installation of the program.

🔹 A license agreement will appear, you will have to click on I Accept.
🔹 Select the version of QuickBooks that you want to install and click on Continue.
🔹 Once it’s ready, click on OK.
🔹 Next based on the country and version, download the most recent update of QuickBooks.
🔹 Next you have to install the downloaded version of the QuickBooks.
🔹 To do that search for the QuickBooks Desktop file that you have saved when you downloaded it.
🔹 Then to install double-click on QuickBooks executable file and run it.
🔹 Get your License and Product numbers to be entered when prompted to complete the installation.
🔹 After the installation is finished reboot your computer.
🔹 Open your QuickBooks again and see if it opens normally.

Solution 3: Uninstall QuickBooks Application:

🔹 Check with your operating system and seek the Uninstall or change a Program feature (Windows 8, 7, and Vista), or Add/Remove tab (Windows XP).
🔹 Move ahead in uninstalling/removing QuickBooks 2014 version.
🔹 Step Recommended: Create your QuickBooks company file backup.
🔹 You can also download your entire company file and save it within MS Word.
🔹 Save it securely prior to starting the Uninstall process (the purpose behind this is that few users do not accept default file destinations and save their files with the application files).

Solution 4: Clean Install:

clean install tool in quickbooks

🔹 Start with the steps for a “Clean Install”.
🔹 Easily download and install the QuickBooks Clean Install Utility. download the software with caution as it might be infected with the virus.
🔹 Instead of putting your company files at risk
🔹 Once done run the utility and fulfill the task.

Solution 5: Reinstallation of QuickBooks Application:

🔹 Reinstall the QuickBooks program again.
🔹 You can easily download the latest product update from the Products and Updates webpage for the version released by Intuit.

For more information related to QuickBooks Error 80029c4a, you can connect with QuickBooks customer support. The experienced and knowledgeable ProAdvisors will provide all the authentic information and solutions to fix error 80029c4a.

You can approach them via email and online chat as well. Alternatively, you can choose to connect with QuickBooks Consulting Agencies like askforaccounting.com.

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