QuickBooks Payroll Service Server Error

QuickBooks payroll server error

QuickBooks payroll service server error” indicates that there is an error in QuickBooks payroll server. You need to retry later. The user encounters the error when trying to send payroll data or direct deposit paychecks, you receive one of the following messages:


When sending either payroll data or paychecks for direct deposits, you may encounter following messages:

  • “Payroll service server error: please try again later.”
  • “Payroll Connection Error”
  • “Error: QuickBooks Desktop has encountered a problem sending your usage data”

Causes of QuickBooks Payroll Service Server Error

This Payroll Error in QuickBooks has encountered a problem sending your usage data. This error can be caused by one of the following reasons:

  • Internet security and personal firewall software settings.
  • Sending in multi-user mode.
  • Invalid security certificate.
  • A network time-out prevents QuickBooks from accessing the server.
  • General Internet connection issues.
  • Incorrect system date and time properties.

Steps to Fix QuickBooks Payroll Service Server Error

The solutions are according to the situations so you have to choose it accordingly and then process it to resolve the QuickBooks Payroll Service Server Error or Payroll Connection Error. So the solutions are as follows:-

Total Time: 45 minutes

Solution 1: Steps if you are using your QuickBooks Payroll on a Network:

🔹 First of all, open the Internet Explorer
● Click on the Tools and then from further options, click on the Internet Options
● Then in the General Tab
● Go to the section of Browsing History and then click on the Delete
● Now verify that the temporary Internet files and Website Files option is selected
● After that, click on the Delete button and then the OK button
🔹 Now open the Command Prompt and you have to remove/flush the DNS
● So, in CMD type ipconfig/flushdns
● Then click on the Enter button from keyboard
🔹 In the end, send the Payroll again.

Solution 2: Steps if you are using your QuickBooks Payroll not on a Network:

🔹 Firstly, restart your system
🔹 Flush the DNS from your system
● Open the Run window
● Type CMD and search
● In CMD window, type ipconfig/flushdns
● Click on the Enter button
🔹 You have to delete all the internet files that are temporary
● Open the browser Internet Explorer
● Then go to the tool and then click on the Internet Settings
● Now in Browsing History click on the Delete option and then select the Delete button
● Now verify that the Temporary Internet files and Website files option is tick marked
● Click on Delete then click on the OK button.
🔹 Now again, you have to flush the DNS from the system
🔹 Then uncheck the checkbox of Publisher’s Certificate Revocation
● Firstly, open the Internet Explorer
● Then go to the Tools
● In this, select the option Internet Options
● In the Advanced tab
● Go to the section of Security
● Then uncheck the Server Certificate Revocation
● Also, uncheck the Publisher’s Revocation
🔹 Restart your system
🔹 Again send the Payroll.

Solution 3: Additional Solutions that You Can Also Perform

1. Troubleshoot the Internet Explorer settings:-
🔹 You have to, make the Internet Explorer as the default browser
🔹 Then check the date and time of the system that must be up to date
🔹 Do check the strength of the Cipher
🔹 Configure IE settings
🔹 Troubleshoot the QuickBooks Desktop
● Check for the active subscription
● Update the QuickBooks Desktop
● Check and verify that the service key of payroll is correct.

2️. Set up the Firewall and Internet Security settings for QuickBooks
🔹 Configure the Firewall by yourself
● Add the firewall port exception for your QuickBooks software
● Create the exception in Windows firewall for the QuickBooks program
● Add QuickBooks port exception in the firewall or antivirus.
🔹 Restart your system to apply and save all the changes.

3️. In case of Using Router
🔹 You have to reset the router so that the tables of it are not filled fully as some routers have limited memory allocation.
🔹 For resetting the router, you have to switch off the router and wait for 30 seconds and then turn it on.
🔹 Also, wait until your system re-established the internet connection.

Troubleshoot QuickBooks Payroll Service Server Error by Experts

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