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Facing issues with your QuickBooks and getting an error message like QuickBooks POS client not connecting to server then your problem is something that needs to be addressed immediately.

QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale is easy-to-use retail software that replaces your conventional cash register system and allows you to.

  • Track inventory,
  • Sales and customers,
  • Improves productivity and ensures proficiency with great speed and accuracy.

At times, the user faces some errors with the POS system that hinders the business process, one such error is the QuickBooks POS client not connecting to the server.

Reason QuickBooks POS Client Not Connecting to Server

QuickBooks Point of Sale error in connecting with SSL is one of the problems that is usually faced by QuickBooks clients. If your server or SSL is at fault then you may face issues connecting with the client workstation and thus you won’t be able to retrieve data from the second computer.

  • This problem usually happens repeatedly whenever the POS Server workstation gets rebooted.
  • The client workstation still has Point of Sale software running.
  • In such a situation the connection is lost between the client and server workstation.
  • A security certificate has expired.

How to Fix QuickBooks POS Client Not Connecting to Server

Usually, rebooting the client system will fix the problem.  In case the problem still persists and you face QuickBooks Point of Sale client not connecting to server issue.

Step 1: Reboot Server and Client Workstation

  • On the client, the workstation closes the POS application.
  • Then Reboot the server workstation.
  • Once the second computer is rebooted completely, reboot the client workstation.
  • Restart the POS application on the client workstation.
  • Check for the connection to the POS data file automatically on the server workstation.

Step 2: Download Security Certificate

For the users of QuickBooks Point of Sale merchant account services who encounter this error.

  • Exit the Point of Sale on all workstations
  • Download a replacement certificate
  • When you get a prompt -> Click Open -> Run
  • Choose Overwrite files without prompting
  • Click Unzip -> Click OK -> Click Close
  • Open Point of Sale again.

Step 3: Read, Write and Update QuickBooks POS through ODBC

Defining QuickBooks ODBC Driver is a highly potential tool that authorizes you to directly connect with the live data from QuickBooks Point of Sale.

  • This should be compatible with ODBC connectivity.
  • You can approach QuickBooks POS data as a database – it means you can read, write, and update QuickBooks Transactions, Inventory, Accounts, etc. via the standard ODBC Driver interface.

It’s very likely that even after following the steps above, you may face issues like QuickBooks POS client not connecting to a server error.

If such a thing continues to persist then your last resort will be to connect with QuickBooks Point of Sale Consultant. QuickBooks Experts on the other end of the phone will help you get things sorted in no time.


What does the term server workstation indicate?

A server workstation is the first workstation where the QuickBooks Point of Sale is installed. Your company data is held in the server workstation.

What can you derive from the word Client Workstation?

A client workstation is a workstation that allows concurrent access to the software, and the customers can record their daily sales by using the software.

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