QuickBooks Restore Failed Can’t Remove Log File. How to Fix it?

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If you are facing such an error then it is sure a cause of concern. This log file error comes with a “Failed error” dialogue box and you are presented with no other option but to click “Ok”. Thus click Ok and head over for the solution provided below.

Cause of QuickBooks Restore Failed Can’t Remove Log File Error:

You may face Quickbooks log file error because of the below given reasons:

  • When there are special characters present in your Quickbooks company file.
  • When you have mistakenly restored the company backup over an existing file.
  • When you have restored a backup file to your network drive from a flash drive.
  • When you created and restored a backup to an older version of quickbooks.
  • When the restored file isn’t itself backup file.
  • When you have a damaged Quickbooks company file.

What you can do to Fix QuickBooks Restore Failed Can’t Remove Log File:

Get Rid of special characters.

The very first thing you would need to do is to get rid of special character within the quickbooks company file name. This you can do that by:

  • Look for the file that you would like to rename.
  • Now right click on the company file and from the options provided, choose to rename the file.
  • Give a new name to the file and hit enter and your file will be saved with a new name.

How not to overwrite your already existing file?

Here the process is really simple. If you want to restore a backup copy of a file then try saving it with a different name. This can be done like: When you are saving a company file, then make sure that the file with the same name is not already present. If so, then the program will overwrite your existing file. Thus if quickbooks gives you a message like the one below then hit “No”:

“file name is already in the drive, saving it will overwrite your existing file”

What to do when the damage is in the company file?

If such is the case then all you can do is get the help from quickbooks support staff. If you already know a quickbooks proadvisor then give him a call otherwise you can get in touch with askforaccounting.com. You can get in touch with our Certified proadvisors at our support number @1800-865-4183.

Create a folder and copy the backup.

If you want to secure your data then you would have to first create folder then then copy your backup file there. This will help you secure your company data in a separate drive. Now you can restore your data in the location you want.

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If you try all the steps above then you would sure will get rid of the QuickBooks Restore Failed Can’t Remove Log File. But if in any case you still face the issue then you can get in touch with us at at our QuickBooks support at 1800-865-4183 or chat with proadvisor.