Recover a Deleted Invoice in QuickBooks


The most significant question to ask yourself before going for QuickBooks is that, does QuickBooks allow you to recover a deleted invoice? That’s very important and a decision maker because we are human being and we ought to make mistakes. But the surprising factor about QuickBooks, in fact the selling point is its ability to recover invoices that have got deleted. Thus today we will find out “How to Recover a Deleted Invoice in QuickBooks”.

Tracking of data is necessary to understand the seamless behavior of a business and when you can track even those deleted invoices that surely improvises on the decision of opting for QuickBooks for all the accounting work. Well, let us know about the two methods using which we can restore deleted invoices.

  • Audit Trail Method
  • Backup Files

The second option sounds quite familiar, doesn’t it? Most of the organizations believe in backing up files for any corruption that may happen in future. It is considered to be one of the safest options. We will touch base on that, before that it is also imperative that we learn the method of recovering deleted invoices by Audit Trail method.

How to Recover a Deleted Invoice in QuickBooks:

Recover a Deleted Invoice in QuickBooks

Let us find the 2 ways with which we can recover deleted invoice in QuickBooks:
Audit Trail Method
Backup Files

Total Time: 20 minutes

Method 1: Audit Trail Method

🔹 To start with click on the Reports button which you will see on the Menu bar that is on the top and then click on the Accounts and Taxes button
🔹 A side menu will pop up, click on the Audit Trail as it captures all the transactions that have been entered, altered and deleted
🔹 Now from the Range box click on the From Date to check if it was deleted on a particular date and for the To Date, you may choose what you feel is the right option
🔹 If unsure of date, run the report as week or month and then click on Refresh button for all the transaction to pop up
🔹 Find out the invoice that had been deleted and note down all the information to be entered on a new screen
🔹 If it was any other transaction, bill or payment, following the same method prepare a new one for each

Method 2: Back Up Files Method

In this method, we restore the most recent file or a file that was backed up a while ago. If the deleted invoice was recent one, then click on the most recent back up. You should get the file instantly. If not, find by date.
Click on the File button and then scrolling down click on Open or Restore Company button

🔹 Now click on Restore a Backup File
🔹 After this, click on the Next button
🔹 You will get a pop up Is the Backup file located locally or online?
🔹 Choose whichever is the right option for you and click Next
🔹 Locate the file and then click on OK and then Double Click and click OK once again
🔹 Now time for you to choose a new location for this file. Choose either flash drive or external drive to save and then click OK
🔹 Open the file to check if the deleted invoice is located there
🔹 You will find the deleted invoice and hence issue resolved

QuickBooks no doubt has been playing a vital role in securing data for the small businesses and self-employed people. Hence depending on how you deleted your invoices, you can follow either of the above methods to get back your hidden or deleted invoices. You can even give us a call at our QuickBooks support number and talk to our Proadvisor now to know how to recover deleted transactions in QuickBooks.