Sage 50 Error 18 – DynaZIP

Today, in this article we are going to show you all the possible resolutions to “Sage 50 Error 18”. This error is the most common and usually, you will have this error when you are trying to back up your data. This error is very easy to detect, and it comes with a flashing message DynaZIP Error #18.

Sometimes, working with Sage can have crashes or accounting failures. Sage error 18 flashes at you with a continuous notification and the error notification will keep displaying on your screen until and unless you fix the error. Sage 50 18 error is also called Runtime error.

What are the Possible Causes of Sage 50 Backup Error 18

If you’re experiencing an issue while taking a backup of Sage 50 there are likely several causes. The most common one is a corrupted database.

  • Automatic backup can also be enabled while the Sage Drive Company is present, but it eventually fails with DynaZIP Error 18.
  • This error can appear in a variety of ways, including the DynaZIP 8 Error while taking a backup.
  • If the backup procedure was interrupted, the customer is likely to encounter this error.
  • If the customer is unable to take a backup of the data while inside the Sage Drive company.
  • This problem may arise if the company name contains any special characters.

What are the Possible Resolutions of Sage 50 Error 18

Here are some possible Resolutions that you can follow to fix Sage Error #18.

Method 1: Fix it by Reinstalling the Driver

If the Peachtree errors are caused by a corrupted driver, then proceed as follows:

  • Launch the Device Manager.
  • Select the corrupted driver by clicking it.
  • Right-click on the corrupted driver and then select Uninstall.
  • Reboot your computer.

Method 2: Reinstall the Incompatible Applications

Go to the control panel window. The steps are as follows:

  • Press the Start button.
  • Now go to the Control Panel.
  • Enter your password and just click the Uninstall button.
  • Select Programs & Features, then the problematic program, and finally the Update/uninstall option.
  • If you clicked the update button, all you have to do now is follow the instructions in the prompt.
  • If you chose to uninstall the program, follow the uninstall instructions on the prompt and then re-download it.

Method 3: Stop Sharing and Rename the Company File

  • First and foremost, exit the program.
  • Navigate to the system’s company file.
  • On the company’s website, click the “Stop Sharing” button.
  • Now is the time to shut down the business.
  • Go to the company file.
  • Select the Maintain tab, then Company Information.
  • If any special characters are discovered in the company file name, delete it.
  • Select the OK option.
  • Close the company file.
  • Navigate to the Sage Driver Management Center tab.
  • Check that the company file has not been removed from the list. If the company does not appear in the list, click on its name.
  • Now, Select the Delete Company option.
  • Begin by sharing the company with Sage Drive.

Method 4: Resolving Internet Explorer Error

Examine your Internet browsers to see if this is the source of the problem. If that is the case, the following steps should be taken:

Browser Reset:

  • Select the Search field.
  • Internet options should be written down.
  • Locate the Advanced menu and then press the Reset button.
  • Deactivate the script error and debugging notifications now.

Method 5: Shut Down all Competing Applications

You must check for conflicting programs because the majority of errors occur as a result of this interruption. You must stop such conflicting programs by following the steps outlined below.

  • To open the Task Manager window, press the Ctrl-Alt-Del keys together.
  • It will allow you to see all of the programs that are currently running in the system.
  • Click the Processes button, then pause the applications one at a time by outlining each program and selecting the End process option.
  • You must pay attention to the error message that appears whenever you stop a specific program.
  • Once you have identified the application that is causing the error, you must proceed with the next steps, which include reinstalling the program.

Method 6: Using the Disk Cleanup Utility

If the runtime error is caused by a lack of free space in the system, the disc cleanup method can help. The steps are as follows:

  • Consider making a file backup and freeing up hard disc space.
  • Clear the cache and then restart the system.
  • You can also use the Disk cleanup method, which requires you to run it and then open the Explorer window.
  • Right-click the main directory and select Properties.
  • Finally, go to the Disk Cleanup option.

Method 7: Reinstall Runtime Libraries

The issue could be caused by an update error, such as an incorrect configuration or corruption of the MS Visual C++ Package. To resolve such an error, uninstall the currently installed package and then reinstall it.

Follow the guidelines below:

  • To begin uninstalling the package, first select the Programs and Features option.
  • Go to the Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable package.
  • Choose the topmost Uninstall option.
  • Wait for the process to finish before restarting the system.
  • Now, go to Microsoft and download the most recent version of the redistributable package, then begin the installation process.

However, we hope you have enough information to resolve this issue and hopefully the above-mentioned steps will help you to resolve Sage Error 18. If you need any further help or need more info, then please give us a call at the Sage 50 helpline number.


What if Peachtree Runtime Error 18 is caused by out-of-date virus protection software?

In most cases, a virus infection causes a runtime error in the system. As a result, ensure that you have an up-to-date security program, perform a full system scan, or use the window’s updates option. You can also use the system’s repair and reinstall utility.

What are some most common issues that can cause Sage Error 18?

Sage Error 18 is caused by several runtime glitches.

● This type of problem is frequently caused by an incompatible program running at the same time.
● There could be other causes, such as a memory problem, virus issues, or corrupted drivers.
● This error must be corrected immediately to avoid further complications.
● The section that follows contains a list of possible solutions to the problem.

To turn Off Script Debugging Notifications, follow the steps below:

Launch the Internet Options dialogue box.

● Select the advanced option.
● Disable is discovered Tab for script debugging Mark the button with a checkmark.
● Unselect Show notification for each script error tab item.
● Then, press the Apply button and restart the system.

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