Sage 50 Unable to Open Company Data File

Today, in this blog, we will discuss Sage 50 troubleshooting steps to fix Sage 50 unable to open company files or unable to open conversion issues. Sage users face many errors with Sage 50 or open company files at the end of the conversion.

Among these, the most frequent is Sage 50, which cannot open company file errors. This problem occurs and interrupts mainly at the end of or during the conversion process.

Main Causes Unable to Open Company File in Sage 50 Software

If you are using the Sage 50 accounting software and you are unable to open the company file at the end of or during the conversion process there may be a problem with your connection or file.

  • Files that are locked.
  • Antivirus could become a barrier for files in the data process.
  • Files corrupted.
  • The required data file is missing
  • Outdated Version of Sage 50.
  • The problem of the network.
  • Real-time scanning conversion block.
  • Windows OS Failed.
  • If the network is public.

Tips to Solving Sage 50 Unable to Open Company File

If you are using Sage 50 to open company files at the end of or during the conversion process. You may notice that the software is unable to open the file.

sage 50 open company

Here is a list of solutions to Sage 50 not being able to open company files.

Step 1: Incorrect Icon

The steps are as follows:

  • Check to see if you’re using the correct application icon. 
  • If you use the taskbar to access the program, you will need to un-pin and re-pin the new version.

Step 2: Run the program in administrator mode

Here are the steps you must take: 

  • First, close Sage 50.
  • Right-click on the Sage 50 icon and select Properties.
  • Now select the Run as Administrator option.
  • Then, open the Company File.
  • Now, move the content to a new location on the hard drive and then click on the Add Permissions button.
  • The .SAJ folder and the .SAI files must be copied to the C drive.
  • Now, in the user permissions settings, add Everyone.
  • Make certain that there is no hidden content in the SAJ file folder. 
  • Open the data file again.

Step 3: Verify that the MySqld.exe file is not locked in Task Manager

  • Check that you have in-network coverage and that all users are signed out. 
  • On the server, look for the Task Manager. 
  • Check that you have selected the show process from all users. 
  • Discover the processes option to terminate all Mysqld.exe processes below. 
  • All processes now retry to open company files on all workstations after they have been closed. 
  • Check to see if Mysqld.exe is locked. The following are the steps you must take in the Task Manager window.
    • Make sure Sage 50 is closed and the Task Manager is open. 
    • Check whether the show process from all user’s ID checkmarks is present; if so, terminate all processes.

Step 4: Examine the corrupted files

  • To begin, restore the corrupted files from the backup.
  • If you haven’t made a backup and still need to open the company file.
  • It is then advised to seek assistance from experienced aspirants to repair the data.

Step 5: Resolve the missing files or hidden file

  • Now navigate to the Sage 50 company file’s location.
  • Locate the .SAJ folder and then examine the required files and folders.

Step 6: Make sure you have the most recent version of Sage 50

  • First, download the most recent updates.
  • Manually install the update on the system. It would be in the following directory DIR: Download Sage Software Simply Accounting from C: Users/Public\Documents\Sage Software\Simply Accounting\ Download.

Step 7: Check the network connectivity

  • Check that you have access to the drive to find the data files.
  • If you are executing files across the network and do not require access to the mapped network drive, or if you have incorrect mapping or a lost connection.

Step 8: Confirm that you have a private network connection

  • Find the network connection icon.
  • Right-click on it and select Properties.
  • Select the network and sharing option.
  • Check that the network displays private/work/domain/home rather than public.
  • If it says “public,” change it to “private.”

Step 9: Verify that the file is on Remote Data Access or Sage Drive

Download the file again from remote data access. The steps are as follows:

  • Find the Welcome screen.
  • Connect to a shared company by clicking the Connect button.
  • Select the appropriate company checkbox.
  • Click the Connect button.

Sage 50 Cannot Open Company File a Required Data File is Missing

When you are opening your Sage 50 Company file, you can come across certain situations where your file doesn’t open. This may happen when you see an error message like Sage 50 cannot open the company file a required data file is missing when opening a data file or restoring from backup. This error can be seen in the Sage 50 US Edition as well as the Sage 50 Canada Edition.

You will receive the following error message…

Error Message: Cannot open Company file a required data is missing

Causes and Reasons Sage 50 Cannot Open Company File a Required Data File is Missing

Here are some causes that are responsible for this Sage 50 issue.

  • .SAI icon file in Sage 50 is missing.
  • .SAI icon file and .SAJ data folder doesn’t have the same name.
  • The company file is moved to a different server or system.
  • You have not created a multi-user.
  • The backup is not done properly.

Tips to Fix the Sage 50 Cannot Open Company File a Required Data File is Missing

The experts have suggested a few solutions for the Sage 50 issue that cannot open company files a required data file is missing when opening a data file or restoring from a backup.

Solution 1: Many people accessing the Company file

  • Check for people who are accessing the Sage 50 Company file.
  • Go to the location, where you have saved your Sage 50 Data file.
  • Check for .SAJ folder and click on the file with the file name process .pid.
  • If you are successful in locating this file, then check whether some other user is using the file on a different system with a single-user mode.

Solution 2: The .SAI or .SAJ file is missing

  • Check whether both the .SAI (Sage 50 icon file) and .SAJ (Sage 50 data folder) is in the same location as your company file.
  • In case, any one of them is missing then undo all the recent changes that you have applied.
  • If you are unable to perform the undo then it is suggested you restore from your backup file.

Solution 3: Matching Versions

  • Click on your Windows Explorer and open your Sage 50 Data file folder.
  • Check for your .SAI file and .SAJ folder.
  • If your .SAJ folder is missing then restore it from the backup.
  • Open your .SAJ folder by double-clicking on the icon.
  • Check for a different SAI file/ SAJ folder.
  • Check inside the SAJ folder for MySQL and performance_schema in the folder. If they were created inside this folder itself, then check that there are no nested SAJ folders and SAI files present.
  • If you have found both the SAJ folder and SAI files then you will have to now create a new folder on your desktop or the local C: drive of your system.
  • Move all the files and folders to this newly created folder.
  • Now, open the Company file in the Sage 50 Data file.
  • Just double-click on the SAI file and your Sage 50 Company file will open.

Troubleshooting Tips for When You Can’t Open Sage 50 Company File

Working with Sage 50 accounting software accounts can be a challenge, especially when something goes wrong with the company and Unable to open conversion. In this section, we’ll discuss some troubleshooting tips when you can’t open your Sage 50 company file or conversion issue.

Option 1: Verify path location

  • Make sure that when you are converting to a new version then all files are on a local drive
    • Copy the file locally if the file is on a network.
    • Copy the file back to the network after conversion.
  • Make sure that the file path is no more than 284 characters.

Option 2: Verify if the sample company opens 

  • Open the sample company
    • Try the conversion on your data file if the sample company does not open, otherwise, you can continue with Option 3.

Option 3: Verify if the SAJ folder contains duplicate files

  • Open the .SAJ folder.
  • Then you have to check for duplicates files name that contain:
    • bdata1 (Copie de Joe conflict 2012-09-27) ibdata1 (joe’s conflicted copy 2013-01-09)
    • accounts (1).frm, simplygroupmembership (2).frm, tbgtah01-1.frm or tbgtah01-2.frm;
    • Make sure there are no more files or folders in the simple and MySQL folders

Option 4: Restore a Backup

  • Locate and restore a local backup Cabinet (.CAB) file.
  • It is advised that you restore to a new .SAI file and.SAJ folder.
  • Verify that the SAJ folder does not already include a conversion log.
    • When a conversion attempt fails, a text file with a time stamp is created, and the data file may be partially converted (for example, 2017-06-28-16-20-55.txt, which failed to convert on 2017 June 28 at 4 pm).
    • Look to find a file from before this day and restore it.

Option 5: Adjust Anti-virus and Real-Time Scanners

  • Disable the antivirus
    • If you have more than one antivirus or security software, remove them all until there is just one remaining, then turn it off before converting.
    • Do the following if Microsoft Security Essentials (or another antivirus program) is installed on your computer:
      • Disable auto protection
      • Disable real-time protection
      • Real-time scanning and the firewall are needed parts of McAfee.
  • Real-time scanning and the firewall should be disabled.
  • Disable any auto backup software that your computer may be used to back up company data files.
  • Windows Event Viewer logs should be verified.
    • If you receive an IPv6-related MySQL warning message, refer to the item in the Related resources.
  • Run as administrator by selecting the Sage 50 icon.
  • Again start the conversion.
  • Re-enable security software after file conversion.

Option 6: VPNs Running

  • If none of the files, including the sample company, convert, shut off any operating VPNs and try again.

Option 7: Check errorlog.txt file

  • Open the errorlog.txt file by going to the location of the data file. The file is corrupt and cannot be converted if there are large blank sections or sections with unusual characters. 
  • If errorlog.txt appears to seem fine, navigate to MySQL and then just folders; research (2nd last version of XXXX)
    • Sometimes it can go up to 3rd version xxxx.
  • Run as administrator can be chosen by right-clicking the Sage 50 icon.
  • Check to see if you can now start the conversion.

Option 8: Verify that file attributes (no read-only or hidden)

  • Make sure that the SAJ folder and SAI file in the business file do not have read-only or hidden attributes.
  • Select Properties with a right-click on either.
  • Verify Hidden and Read-Only.
  • After selecting Apply, uncheck Read-Only and Hidden.
  • Click Apply once more.
  • All of the SAJ folder’s subfolders should be changed.

Option 9: Check Advanced Database Check log

  • In Sage 50’s previous, choose Maintenance, then Advanced Database Check.
  • Then you have to open Windows Explorer
  • Go to C:\Users\<username>\Documents\ My Documents\Simply\DbVerifier\Logs
  • A new numbered log file should be opened.
  • Go to the file’s end by scrolling.
  • Follow Option 3 if the conversion log indicates that simply.tnxtpids’ does not exist.
  • Lastly, Re-try the conversion again.

What to do when my Sage 50 Company Does Not Open When Clicking OK at the Log-in Prompt

In this section, we are going to show you how you can fix the Sage 50 not opening company when clicking ok at the login prompt also causes.

What are the Reasons behind Sage 50 company does not open when clicking ok at the log-in prompt?

If you’re having difficulties opening your Sage 50 company, there may be a few reasons why.

  • Your antivirus software is preventing you from accessing the data.
  • Data may be corrupted.
  • The Sage 50 version has not been updated.
  • Data can be restricted.
  • The operating system has not been updated.
  • You are unable to connect to your network.

Tips to Resolve Sage 50 company does not open when clicking ok at the log-in prompt

If you’re having trouble opening a company in your Sage 50 accounting software there is a solution.

Method 1: Run the Application as Administrator

  • First and foremost, close the Sage 50.
  • Now, go to the Sage icon and right-click it. Select the “Run as Administrator” option.
  • Open the company file now.
  • Send the data to a new location, and then add permissions to it.
  • Locate the .SAI file and the SAJ folder, then copy and paste them to the C drive. Add user permissions for everyone.
  • Check that there are no hidden files in the .SAJ folder.
  • Finally, try to reopen the company file.

Method 2: Data may be Corrupted

  • If the data is corrupt, you must restore it from a backup.
  • If you did not restore the data, you must contact Sage professionals and ask them if the data can be restored.

Method 3: You may have Missing or Hidden Files or Folders

  • Navigate to the file location where the company file is stored.
  • Locate the .SAJ folder and ensure that all of the necessary files and folders are present.

Method 4: Your Sage 50 Version has Not been Updated

  • You must obtain the most recent version of Sage 50.
  • Once the Sage 50 version has been downloaded, manually install the update, which is located in C:\Users\Public\Documents\Sage Software\Simply Accounting\Download.

Method 5: Network Connections are Not Working or are Inoperable Down

  • Check to see if you have access to the drive or location where your files are stored.
  • If you keep the file on a network location and are unable to access that location or network drive, you should contact IT professionals right away.

Method 6: Determine whether your Connection is Secure

  • Click the Start button.
  • Look for the control panel.
  • Look for the Network and Internet options.
  • Select the Network and Sharing option. Except for public networks, ensure that the network’s status is Private/Work/Home/Domain.
  • If it says “public,” change it to “private.”

These are the steps to fix Sage 50 unable to open company file error. However, you may contact Sage 50 consultants‘ well-versed trained professionals whenever you need any help.


What exactly is the “Sage 50 unable to open company file” error?

Errors are frequently encountered when users attempt to convert from an older version to the most recent Sage version. It happens when they use the correct version to open the data file (Sage 50 Accounts not opening after the update), but not the company file.

What are the different ways to fix Sage 50 Unable to Open a Company File?

There are several ways to resolve this error, including:
● Inspecting the errorlog.txt file.
● Check the file attributes (no read-only or hidden).
● User Account Control is preventing access.
● Examine the Advanced Database Check log for any errors.
● Turn off Antivirus and Real-Time Scanners.
● Check to see if the SAJ folder contains any duplicate files, etc.

How do you fix the Remote Data Access Sage Company missing files in the SAJ folder?

● You can try downloading the files again from Remote Data Access.
● Use Connect to a shared company in Sage 50 2020.2 and later.
● Then save the file in a new location with a new name, such as Companynamecurrent.sai.

Why Getting an Error Message Cannot Open Company File?

This error message cannot open the company file when you try to open Sage 50 files. This error occurs when another user has opened the company in single-user mode or another user using this program data.

Why Facing an Error “Unable to Open Company File in Sage 50 Canada Multiple Versions?”

This error message Sage 50 Canada is unable to open the company file received when trying to integrate with Sage 50 Canada.

Can we Fix Sage 50 Can’t Open Company File with the Help of Connection Manager?

Yes, you can fix the Sage 50 Cannot open company file issue with the help of the connection manager.

● On your taskbar, you have to click on the Sage 50 Connection manager icon that is on the bottom right side beside the clock.
● Then you have to click on the Start Service in case the service is stopped
● After that, you have to wait until the Status Running displays Yes.
● Then you have to click OK and then again you have to open the company file.

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