QuickBooks POS SQL Error Connection is Broken

QuickBooks Point of Sale SQL Error Connection is Broken

As we all know software and errors go hand in hand. Like other software QuickBooks Point of Sale also encounters errors that end up with serious issues at times. Out of so many issues, one of the common issues reported by the users is the QuickBooks POS SQL error connection is broken.

If you are facing a QuickBooks POS SQL Error Connection, then Intuit strongly recommends that you Download (the QuickBooks POS SQL error connection is broken) repair tool.

QuickBooks Point of Sale application is entrenched with potential features that help a business streamline the work process. The software has the capabilities for multiple locations that benefit the business owner to stay connected with the business on the go. It means you can access your business remotely anytime anywhere across the globe. The reporting feature of the application helps the owner to store business information such as product styles or models, weekly sales, monthly sales, annual sales, hourly transactions, etc. The software is no doubt become the top preferred software among the small and medium-sized business industry.

Causes of QuickBooks POS SQL Error Connection is Broken

  • POS folder name Invalid.
  • No communication between the Desktop and the POS services.
  • Presence of Malware and Virus.
  • IP address Issue.

How to Resolve the QuickBooks POS SQL Error Connection is Broken

Intuit suggests fixing the QBPOS error by following the below steps. For the successful repair of the error, you are suggested to follow the step by step. In case the SQL error is not resolved you can report the issue to QuickBooks customer Consultant.

Step 1: Use the “Reimage Repair Tool” to Scan the Computer

  • Download the repair tool. It is a free tool and offers easy installation.
  • Run the software to scan, detect, and repair your computer.
  • Download the Reimage Repair Tool and save it on your Desktop.
  • Click to navigate to the file location. Then the installation process starts.
  • User Account Control is notified in case you run the program.
  • Click the yes option to continue.

Note: The tool is smartly engineered to find out the malicious items that are present on the computer.

Step 2: Use “Reimage Repair Tool Icon”

  • Once installed launch the program.
  • It will display a welcome screen.
  • Allow the repair tool to start scanning automatically without choosing the box.
  • Now scan and click Install to start the installation process.
  • The Reimage welcome screen will install itself on your computer.
  • This tool downloads essential updates with strong internet connectivity.

Step 3: Re-image Installer

The Re-image tool begins thorough scanning of your computer automatically to verify whether the computer is smoothly functioning or not.

Start Scan with the Reimage Installer Tool

  • Once the scanning is successfully over the Re-image tool indicates to you about the damaged areas in your computer and whether the repair is required or not.
  • If you find any corrupt areas and need to repair you just have to click the Start Repair option in the bottom right corner.
  • When the Reimage completes it smoothly repairs the process of your computer and fixes the issue in haste.
  • You can restart your computer to complete the process.

Step 4: How do the “Repair Tool” functions

The repair tool is stuffed with potential features that help in repairing the POS software:

  • Repair system freezing and rebooting issues
  • Fix Start-up customization
  • Repair Browser helper object management
  • Fix Program deletion management
  • Repair Live updates
  • Windows structure repair.

On running the repair tool, it starts thorough scanning detects the error, and smoothly repairs the issues with the help of the default patent-pending technology. It fixes all the QB POS errors that are encountered by the Windows operating system registry structure.

QuickBooks POS Financial Exchange Error

We too agree that QuickBooks become a lot difficult to handle when error is thrown as you won’t know what the fix should be. Take for example QuickBooks POS financial exchange error, though you know that the error is caused due to a sync problem between the two software’s but you may not know what to fix.

In case you want to learn more about the POS file repair tool or for an error Consultant immediately contact the QuickBooks Point of Sale Consultant phone number. The Consultant executives are highly approachable through the toll-free phone number, email, and online chat for prompt Consultants.