Integrate QuickBooks With Zenefits Payroll

Setup Zenefits with QuickBooks

In this article, you read how to integrate QuickBooks Desktop with Zenefits Payroll. Zenefits is an online domain that accords human relations services basically for small and medium-sized businesses. It focuses on simplifying and easing the HR administration for the business and its employees without spending much of your resources.

QuickBooks Desktop with Zenefits

But with Zenefits QuickBooks integration you can expect a much more powerful tool within the system. Zenefits easily integrates all of the company’s HR contributions into an easily usable online dashboard allowing the company owner to have maximum control authority, greater employee access, and greater confidence in its compliance. It offers the platform free for use and assists the best value to the startups who want an excellent HR service solution at an affordable price. It is considered the best one for small businesses, startups, or even individual HR managers who want to track the entire team.

Zenefits Eases the Complex Payroll Management Processes as the Software is Well Build with Features like

  • Payroll Sync.
  • Hiring and onboarding functionality.
  • Round-the-clock QuickBooks user assistance,
  • Well compliant with ACA regulations,
  • Has the Employee directory within.

How to Use QuickBooks Desktop With Zenefits Payroll

QuickBooks is an easily usable business accounting software that is specially designed for gearing up the small businesses of all sectors and is also approved by accountants. QuickBooks integrates effortlessly with Zenefits. This helps you send pay run entries from within QB and also helps you manage your books with data aggregated from your Zenefits account. Know how to setup and use QuickBooks Desktop with Zenefits Payroll.

QuickBooks Desktop Export Procedure

To begin using QuickBooks Desktop with Zenefits Payroll need to Sync QuickBooks Desktop to Zenefits Payroll and map Zenefits Payroll transactions to QuickBooks Desktop Chart of Accounts.

Method 1- Sync QuickBooks Desktop to Zenefits Payroll

Download the Chart of Accounts as an IIF file from QuickBooks, import it into Zenefits Payroll, and then configure Zenefits Payroll such that it syncs with a QuickBooks Desktop account. For better management of business records, data from QuickBooks Desktop can be exported or imported using IIF (Intuit Interchange Format) files.

1st Step- Export IIF File from QuickBooks
  • Firstly, you have to open QuickBooks Desktop
  • Then you have to click File, then click on Utilities, then Export, then click on Lists to IIF.
  • After that, you have to choose Chart of Accounts and then you have to click OK.
  • You have to give the file a name and then you have to click Save.
2nd Step- Import IIF File to Zenefits Payroll
  • You have to click on the Payroll card and then click on Settings tab.
  • Click on Add Integration that is under Organization.
  • Now you have to click Sync with QuickBooks Desktop.
  • You have to drag and drop the IIF file saved, or you can click Browse and then you have to choose an IIF file that is saved on your computer.

Method 2- Map Zenefits Payroll Transactions to QuickBooks Desktop Chart of Accounts

Payroll transactions in the Zenefits Payroll account must be mapped to the relevant payroll ledger accounts in QuickBooks Desktop’s Chart of Accounts after Zenefits Payroll and QuickBooks Desktop have been synchronized for the first time.

  • Click Edit Accounts next to the QuickBooks Desktop logo under Software Integrations on the Organization screen of the Settings page.
  • Decide whether to map the ledger accounts using Basic Mapping or Advanced Mapping.
    • Basic Mapping collects related transactions and assigns them to the same account in groups. This group’s individual transactions will all publish to the same account. For example, if the 21 Payroll Wages Payable account in QuickBooks Desktop is linked to the Regular Earnings category in Zenefits Payroll (which includes Reimbursements, Cash Tips, and Hourly Wages), then any transaction involving one of these kinds will post to 21.
    • Each and every pay item in Zenefits Payroll must be mapped to a distinct ledger account in QuickBooks Desktop in order to use Advanced Mapping. The same account can be linked to a variety of pay items. Although it takes more setup time, this solution gives complete control over how every type of transaction is sent to QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Select the QuickBooks Desktop ledger account to which each transaction type or group in the list shall post after that.
  • You have to click Save.

The mappings can also be viewed and modified in Payroll Settings on the Pay Items page, regardless of the mapping method selected.

Method 3- Exporting Zenefits Payroll Runs to QuickBooks Desktop

If you want to export a pay run as an .IIF file for import into QuickBooks then…

  • You have to click Pay Runs.
  • Then you have to click on the run’s name in the Completed- Paid Runs table. You can export only completed runs. Before the check date, they can’t be exported.
  • You have to click Export to QuickBooks Desktop that is under the list of employees.

Method 4- Importing Zenefits Payroll Runs in QuickBooks Desktop

After you have exported a completed and paid Zenefits payroll run as an .IIF file.

  • Begin by opening QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Then, from the IIF Files you have to click File, then Import.
  • You have to choose the exported run file and then you have to click Open.

Main Features of Zenefits Payroll – Integrate QuickBooks with Zenefits

The Zenefits Payroll accounts favor employee management on autopilot and helps you with employee deduction and taxation. Zenefits Payroll accounts are embedded with the below-mentioned features.

  • Runs Automatic Pay Feature: Choose a recurring pay run schedule, and Zenefits Payroll generates individual payroll.
  • Numerous Pay Schedules: Make payment to all the employees by the same schedule, or configure different pay schedules for different groups of employees.
  • Fully Automatic Onboarding: The fresh hiring is automatically added to the payroll. Zenefits Payroll will automatically distribute their initial check. The employee is enrolled in the payroll benefits and automatically calculates and adds their deductions to payroll.
  • Automatic Offboarding: If you no longer need an employee then at the time of termination Zenefits will automatically calculate their last paycheck. If needed then this paycheck may also include any unpaid PTO.
  • Deductions: The automated deductions management accorded via Zenefits comprising health insurance, FSA, HRA, Commuter, 401( k ).
  • Auto Salary, Deduction Updates: When there is a modification made in the payroll (like changes in address, salary, deductions, etc.) in Zenefits it will be automatically reflected in the payroll.
  • Regular Compensation: With Zenefits, the wages can be automatically included within your recurring runs. Further bonuses and commissions can be added by the managers for direct reports in Zenefits, and the added amounts will be supplemented to payroll.
  • Tax Deposits & Filing in 50 States Automatically: As part of its automation process, the program can calculate any withholdings and taxes if pending. Also file Federal, State, and Local business returns, and send W-2s to employees at the end of the year.
  • Integration with Accounting Software: Easily export payroll reports to QuickBooks Desktop and online version.
  • View Payroll on Timeline: Allows to view the history of every payroll change for every employee, and when and by whom the modification is made.
  • Smart Paystubs: The complete employee details are in the paystubs. Employees can view it anytime they want along with the reasons for changes such as the differences in deductions due to changes in enrollment or plans).

Hope you successfully setup QuickBooks Desktop with Zenefits Payroll. If any kind of issues facing while Integrating QBDT with Zenefits, you can connect with the team by phone, email, or live chat with QuickBooks support team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Zenefits integrate with QuickBooks?

By offering software connectivity between Zenefits Payroll and your company’s payroll software, such as QuickBooks Online, Zenefits has made it simpler to keep track of your payroll transactions.

Does Zenefits have an API?

Zenefits API. With a unified API for HR, payroll, and directory, Merge makes adding and maintaining your Zenefits connection dead simple.

Does Zenefits offer payroll?

The Zenefits payroll system automatically calculates the appropriate amount to pay hourly employees, by syncing with our Time and Scheduling tools. As soon as a new employee is onboarded, their data syncs with payroll, which promptly makes the appropriate deductions.