QuickBooks Error 1601

QuickBooks Error 1601” while trying to install QuickBooks Desktop on your Computer system running on Windows Operating Software, sometimes the user comes across several kinds of errors which stop the installation process midway or it does not begin at all.

This hampers the work of the user. One such error is Java Install Error 1601 on QuickBooks. The AskForAccounting QuickBooks Help team is going to help you out in resolving the problem for good on your computer system.

Description QuickBooks Install Error 1601

While installing software on the computer systems that run on Windows OS, at times, people come across an error that doesn’t let the process either begin or complete. This happens because of some Java failure. An error pops up on your screen while you are trying to install QuickBooks Desktop. The error reads, “Error 1601: Windows Installer is not accessible”.

“Error 1601: Windows Installer is not accessible”

Why does the Java Installer Error occur on your computer system while installing QuickBooks Desktop?

The error pops up on your screen right after restarting the computer post-installation or update of any program or file. Another scenario where the error pops up on the screen is when the Windows installer has been damaged or disabled for some reason.

Causes QuickBooks Error 1601

  • QuickBooks downloading/installer file damaged
  • QuickBooks not installed correctly
  • Microsoft installer corrupted
  • No permission to QuickBooks system or Windows Operating System
  • System configuration issues
  • System infected with malware or virus.

How to Fix QuickBooks Error 1601❓

Follow the given instructions carefully. There are three solutions available for this problem. Users should try one at a time. Any of these solutions could work for you.

Total Time: 25 minutes

Step 1: Check Windows Installer Disabled

We are going to check if the Windows Installer has been disabled

🔹 Hit the Start button on the desktop, and fill in MSc in the blank field. Hit Enter.
🔹 The next screen opens up. Go to Services (Local).
🔹 Right-click Windows Installer and then click on Properties from the list.
🔹 Access the Startup type drop-down list. See if it is disabled.
🔹 Click on the Manual if it is.
🔹 You will see another new heading appear on the screen, which reads Service Status.
QuickBooks Error 1601 Hit the Start button below the Service Status.
🔹 The installer will be active again.
🔹 Try to install QuickBooks on your computer system again.
🔹 If the problem persists, go to the second solution.

Step 2: Re-register the Windows Installer

We will re-register the Windows Installer here:
🔹 Go to the desktop screen and hit Windows+ R
🔹 You will see the Command prompt appear on the screen. Type Exe/unreg and hit Ok.
🔹 You will see a confirmation message pop-up on the screen. Hit Ok
🔹 Once more click Windows+ R
🔹 Once again we will type Exe/regserver and hit
🔹 Another confirmation message will pop up on the screen. Hit Ok for this one too.
🔹 Try to install QuickBooks once more. If the problem persists, go to the third solution.

Step 3: Check Windows OS Pending Updates

🔹 Check if there are any pending updates in your Windows OS.
🔹 If there are, update all the components. Reinstall the windows installer if required.

The problem should be resolved by following any of three or all of the three options. If you face the problem “QuickBooks Error 1601” while trying to perform the steps suggested above.

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