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Access QuickBooks on 2 or even 3 Computers

In this article, read methods to access QuickBooks on 2 or Even 3 Computers. The vital question is after getting multiple users added and permitted to use files on QuickBooks, how does each of the users access the file from different locations?

Let's take a sneak peek into it.

An extremely overwhelming feature of QuickBooks is the feature through which you can add multiple users or access QuickBooks on 2 or even 3 computers. This allows users to work and execute any changes on the same file from different locations. This is an advantageous feature that people are going head over heels for.

This functionality is an added USP that ensures more than one user to collaborate on a single file thereby enhancing productivity. Which boss or entrepreneur wouldn’t want this awesome facility to be incorporated for a better performance of the business with more effectiveness?

How to Access QuickBooks on 2 or even 3 Computers

To avail of this extremely helpful and productive feature of QuickBooks, the first thing that needs to be done is to access QuickBooks on 2 or even 3 Computers or host Multi-User Access. How to go about it is listed below

  • Open the QuickBooks home page
  • On the utility menu of the home page, you will see a tab that reads Multi-user mode. Click on it and enable it
  • You have two options that can be visible to you.
  • The first one is Stop Hosting Multi-User access and the second one is Host Multi-User Access.
  • If you see the first one, you are good to go but if you see the second one, you need to enable that
  • After the process of enabling, you have a task in hand to configure the company file for multi-user access
  • You need to open the file on which you want to enable the multi-user access
  • Once that is done, you might be prompted to update the file, if so, update it
  • Now you need to go to the File menu
  • Make sure you switch to Multi-user mode
  • If you want to provide the same access to all the files, you can individually follow the same process for each file
  • You can also take the help of QuickBooks Database Server Manager

After you are done with configuring the files, time to decide who should have access and who shouldn’t. In short, who will you add as users? So why delay? Start the process of adding users of your choice whom you trust.

Accessing the Company File

  • You will now add users and try accessing the company files.
  • The result will be before you.
  • Now anyone with the user id and password with access to those company files can work on them from any system.
  • That sounds like multi-tasking in the true sense.

One thing to keep in mind is that there are licenses granted for a number of users to be able to use those files. If after a number of users, you are not able to access it, you might have to buy a license and the cost can vary depending on various factors. If face any multiuser error/issues and QuickBooks multi-user mode not working click here to fix the issue.

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