Disable QuickBooks Web Connector

Download, Install QuickBooks Web Connector, and Disable QBWC

QuickBooks Web Connector is one such program that runs on Microsoft Windows that empowers web-based applications specially designed for the exchange of data with other QuickBooks products. Learn how to download and install QuickBooks Web Connector and also know how to disable QBWC.

QuickBooks business management software is regarded as the best application that helps in the smooth handling of your accounts. The software is stuffed with many features and tools that help in enhancing your productivity.

Use of QuickBooks Web Connector

On purchasing and installing QuickBooks or a QuickBooks product you simultaneously install a number of add-ons tools that assist in using the software in a better way. QuickBooks Web Connector is one of them.

QuickBooks Web Connector helps in managing products, orders, and customer information very smoothly. There are two ways to assimilate your store with QuickBooks. They are as follows:

  • Through IIF files export &
  • Through Web Connector software.

The installation of the QuickBooks Web Connector allows the programs to start, every time you switch on your computer. These are the default settings within QuickBooks. When the connector is running in the background unnecessarily it can pick up unnecessary resources. In that scenario, the user needs to disable the QuickBooks Web Connector from launching whenever you start your system by deleting the right startup entry.

How to Download and Install QuickBooks Web Connector

Steps to Download QBWC:

  • Download QuickBooks Web Connector, unzip it, and install the software program. Check the size on the disk: 80.8 MB
  • As per Web Connector version, the security protocols Consultanted are SSLv3, TLS 1.1, and TLS 1.2.
  • If you have already installed version 2.1.x.x or 2.2.0.x then you would have to delete all the files before installing the version.
  • Follow the path and delete the files from your system: Click on the “C drive”.
  • Then head over to the program files.
  • Click on the common files and choose the Intuit folder and choose the required option.

Steps to Install QBWC:

  • After downloading unzip the file and copy the three files to a new or temporary location
  • Change directory to this new location
  • Click on QBWebConnectorInstaller.exe
  • Choose to select the option where it says “Run as Admin” to install and this will now install QBWC in no time.

How to Disable QuickBooks Web Connector

Disabling QuickBooks Web Connector should be done very carefully. Follow the steps recommended for disabling the QB Web Connector tool.

  • Get started by clicking the Windows start button
  • Choose Control Panel
  • Select Uninstall a Program
  • Click QuickBooks Web Connector
  • Go to the Installation window
  • Click Next and then select Remove.

QuickBooks Web Connector Error

Some examples of the common QuickBooks Web Connector error are as follows:

  • QBWC1000: The domain names for [service and Consultant URLs mismatch.
  • QBWC1003 or QBWC1004: The application [Consultant URL (AppConsultant) is restricted to reach.]
  • QBWC1010: Application [***] cannot be loaded. For security reasons only SSL (HTTPS) based applications are allowed.
  • QBWC1015: (There is an error message showing that there is an issue in QuickBooks).
  • QBWC1026: Some problem crops up while adding file ID.
  • QuickBooks Web Connector Can’t Remove Application:- Are you facing an issue Unable to remove a QWC file from QBWC using the Remove button. Learn How to Complete steps to Remove QuickBooks Web Connector from the registry.

Causes and Steps to Fix QBWC Error:

If you feel like that QuickBooks web connector is posing threat to your QuickBooks or your financial data within it then you can simply disable the program. Below are the steps on “How to disable QuickBooks Web Connector”. Follow the steps and you will be able to remove the file completely from your system. On following the above steps the tool will be uninstalled and you will no more face error issues. For more details on installation and disabling QuickBooks Web Connector and the error resolution, you can contact QuickBooks Consultant. They are approachable through toll-free phone numbers and email. For instant Consultant, the live chat option is also available.


  • What do you understand with QuickBooks Web Connector?

    It is an application that allows users to integrate with web-based applications like QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Enterprise, QuickBooks Financial Software, and QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS). It assists users in two-way communication moving data from the web to QuickBooks and vice versa. It generates QWC files that help users to connect more to establish a relationship between applications and QuickBooks remote version.

  • Which and all Versions do QuickBooks Web Connector Consultant?

    Here is the list of QuickBooks products Consultanted by the web connector:
    ● QuickBooks Pro and Premier (2002 and later version)
    ● QuickBooks Enterprise solution
    ● U.S Edition of all QuickBooks Financial Products
    ● U.K Editions of QuickBooks Pro and Accountant version (2003 or later)
    ● The Canadian version of QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise (2003 or later)
    ● QuickBooks Simple Start (2006 and later)
    ● QuickBooks Point of Sale (v4.0 or later) with QB Web Connector version or later.
    QuickBooks Web Connector and newer versions are only compatible with the following QB versions:
    ● U.S. Edition of QuickBooks Financial Software
    ● QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise (2015 and Later)
    ● QuickBooks U.K. Edition (2015 and later)
    ● The Canadian Edition of QuickBooks (2015 and later)

  • How do I add an application to QuickBooks Web Connector?

    ● First, go to the File menu and select the tab called “Update Web Services”
    ● Next, select “Add Application” in the Web Connector window
    ● Now, you’re required to browse the third-party applications .qbw file
    ● It’s worth noting that the third-party web application’s provider will provide the QB users with a qwc file
    ● Download the file to your system
    ● At last, select the .qwc file and hit the “Open” tab.

  • What are the steps I have to follow to open a QWC file in Web Connector?

    ● In the beginning, you have to download the QWC file from QuickBooks Application Store.
    ● From the download location, you have to double-click on the QWC file.
    ● QuickBooks Web Connector will open QWC files automatically.
    ● Hit the Ok button on the “Authorize New Web Service” window.
    ● In the relevant password field, you have to enter the password and wait till the QB Web Connector authorizes the application.
    ● Give a checkmark on the box which exists beside the web application and finally hit the “Update Selected” tab.

  • How do I uninstall QBWC if I fail to disable QuickBooks Web Connector?

    If you are unable to remove or disable QBWC or looking to uninstall the QuickBooks Web Connector because you don’t want to use this service anymore. The below steps help you in uninstalling it:
    ● Go to the Windows Start menu and select the “Control Panel”
    ● If you’re using Windows 7 version then simply press Windows + R to open the Run window
    ● Type here Control Panel and click Ok
    ● Click on the “Uninstall a Program under the section “Programs and Features”
    ● Perform double-click on the Web Connector and select “Uninstall”
    ● If you don’t see QBWebConnector in the list, then navigate to C:\ Program Files(x86)\ Common Files\ Intuit\ QuickBooks\ or C:\ Program Files\ Common Files\ Intuit\ QuickBooks\ folder and delete the QBWebConnector file.