Merge Customers in QuickBooks

Merge Customers in QuickBooks

In this article learn how to merge customers in QuickBooks. If you are dealing with similar clients or customers then there is a valid reason that you might want to merge customer, vendor, and supplier altogether.

With QuickBooks, this is not at all difficult. If you are new to QuickBooks then get Consultant at as our technical Consultant team is available to help you 24/7, Others follow the steps below.

How to Merge Customers in QuickBooks

With the merge option, you can secure all your data. When you merge your client or customer whatever the case may be then 1 person will automatically get deleted. All the work assigned to the deleted customer will then be reassigned to the person with whom the user has been merged. This way you will not only be able to secure your data but it will then be updated with your merged account. Here are the few steps you would need to follow to merge customers in QuickBooks.

Make sure

Please keep in mind that once the accounts are merged then they will not be in any case separated. With that said, follow the steps below:

  • Login to your QuickBooks accounting data and move to your company file.
  • On the top navigation bar, select the customer’s tab. This will open up a different dialogue box.
  • Now you would want to ensure that the users you are planning to merge are on the same level.
  • If this is not the case then, you will have to make changes in one of the client’s accounts to bring it to the same sub-level. The process is simple here.
    • Just simply click on the user tab,
    • Go to the settings menu. This you can find in the sub-menu located just beneath the main navigation bar.
    • Go to the level tab.
    • Now set the level equivalent to the user you want to merge with.
  • Now in this step, you would need to choose the profile of a customer, whom you would not want after merging accounts. Here please make sure that if you have any important information within the customer profile then it will now be deleted here. Thus it would be a good idea if you can copy the info and keep it safe somewhere. The other best way is to keep the person with the important information stored.
  • Now, you would need to make some editing. Once the name of the customer is chosen, click on the edits button. This will now open up the editing window.
  • Make the changes in the name of the customer. You would want to name the user exactly equal to the user whom you want to merge your account with.
  • Hit the Save option.
  • Now you will receive a dialogue box asking for your confirmation.
  • Here the message will state that would you want to merge the two accounts.
  • Click “YES” on that and your accounts will be merged.

Hope you are able to merge customers or merge files in QuickBooks successfully. But if in any case, you are facing issues then we would request you to call our QuickBooks Consultant at