Import Quicken File into QuickBooks

In this article, you read and learn about QuickBooks import and export, and how to “Import Quicken File into QuickBooks

For importing quicken into QuickBooks, you should know that if you are having windows version 1998 or higher then you can directly import your quicken files to QuickBooks pro or online. Quicken files on the Mac can only be imported to QuickBooks if it is installed on Mac.

How to Import Quicken Files into QuickBooks

If you are looking to import your Quicken file into QuickBooks, there are a few things that you need to know.

  • Open up your QuickBooks software
  • Hover over your cursor on the Files menu, when the drop-down button appears then you would need to on the utility tab.
  • Since you need to import your quicken file to QuickBooks thus first you would need to convert that to a (.QBB) file.
  • In the utility tab, you just selected click on the converts tab and choose the source as “Quicken”.
  • Convert the file from the list of quicken files.
  • Once converted you would now be able to open that in your QuickBooks pro or Online version of your QuickBooks.

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