QuickBooks Reports Not Working and Doesn’t Open Issue

QuickBooks Reports Not Working

In this article, you learn how to fix the “QuickBooks Reports Not Working” or QuickBooks Reports Doesn’t Open issue.

QuickBooks is one of the best know book-keeping software for all business owners who need timely financial advisers. Ease of use and robust features make QuickBooks the most widely used accounting software. The most commonly used features of QuickBooks are initializing business plans, preparing reports, spreadsheets, and invoices, filing taxes, maintaining income and expenses sheets, and many more.

How to Fix QuickBooks Reports Not Working Issue

Follow the below steps to fix the issue…

  • First, you would need to create a backup for your company file.
  • Now navigate like: Reports > Memorized reports > Reports list.
  • Now scroll down to the bottom of the list and you will see the option called Reports, now click on New group.
  • Now in the name field, enter the phrase as it is “Z Do Not Use” and click Ok.
  • This is the folder you created wherein all the broken reports will be moved.
  • Thus now locate the broken reports tab and from the drop-down menu that appears click on the edit reports icon.
  • From the Save reports group, select the folder you created with the name “Z does not use”.
  • You will have to repeat the above-given steps for every broken file you encounter.
  • Now click on the reports button and click on the sort list tab and then click ok.
  • Now re-login to your QuickBooks accounts and your issue will most likely be sorted.

If you need more help on deleting memorized reports, creating a custom report, and saving customize reports, QuickBooks easily and effectively then you would need to talk to our QuickBooks error support. To get help call our toll-free helpline number.

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