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This blog will cover how to integrate “QuickBooks Timesheets“. TSheets is a cloud-dependent time tracking & scheduling solution for QuickBooks Online for small business organizations. Through which they can easily, review & modify time.

What is QuickBooks Timesheets

A QuickBooks Timesheets is a specific kind of time tracking record that will specifically list the precise amount of time that a company’s workers have worked while on the clock. You have the option of entering this manually or automatically. Additionally, it will keep track of the time an employee has been given to work on particular clients, jobs, and projects.

This solution operates with Full-Service Payroll & QuickBooks Online Enhanced Payroll which further saves time.

Who all are Users of QuickBooks Timesheets?

Thousands of small and enterprise businesses across the globe use QuickBooks Time to track, manage, and streamline their payroll. They’re saving time and money by improving how they bill and invoice.

What are all mentioned in QuickBooks Timesheets?

If you’re creating a timesheet for your employees, you should include specific pieces of information so that you can track the time accurately.

  • Employee name
  • Pay period
  • Dates and days worked
  • Hours worked
  • Set and end times
  • Number of working hours in 1 week or defined period

Benefits of Timesheets in QuickBooks Online

Using time tracking (Timesheets) software in construction has multiple benefits QuickBooks Timesheets, including the following.

  • Keeping your team on schedule requires setting up a specific amount of time for each activity and getting alerts when it is time for your team to finish.
  • Keeping track of all expenses– Stay away from undercharging clients for tasks, and Consultant your invoices with time-tracking information from reports to demonstrate the proper billable hours.
  • Increasing value for the client– Your clients can make informed financial decisions by receiving a thorough overview of the time and costs invested.
  • Enhancing proposals to accurately bill clients– When quoting new jobs, use data from completed projects to provide more precise insights on timings and prices.
  • Monitoring several projects at once means being able to determine who has been working on which task and how long it has taken.
  • Knowing where your staff allows you to adjust their hours properly since you can see who is on-site and when thanks to the GPS capability.
  • It Syncs with QuickBooks Online to monitor time for jobs, classes, customers & payroll.

How to TimeSheets work with QuickBooks

  • Depending on your needs, our powerful interface immediately exports employee and contractor hours to QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop.
  • The Weekly Timesheet receives the time and populates it so that it can be used for payroll and billing.
  • You can choose from options like importing time that has been designated as billable or non-billable, bill rates, services and service items, classes, and more.
  • Bills for both employees and vendors are included in expenses.
  • You have complete freedom to decide exactly what information you wish to transmit to QuickBooks.

Learn How to Make a Timesheet in QuickBooks Online

  • Choose + New.
  • Choose Weekly Timesheet from the Employees menu.
  • Choose the name of the worker or supplier and the week you want to record from the little arrow ▼ icons.
  • The remaining fields must be filled in.
Note: Select Settings ⚙ from the drop-down menu next to "Total Hours" to adjust the number of days available.
  • Customer and Project—Choose the client or undertaking for whom you want to record expenses or submit a bill for the activity.
  • Service: Decide which service best reflects the activity.
  • If you want to charge the consumer for the action, check the appropriate box and enter the appropriate fee.
  • Location -If you can’t access Location or Class, see how to enable these capabilities.
  • Enter a description of the activity here.
  • Time Field– Indicate how many hours and minutes your supplier or employee spent working on this activity.
  • Choose Save.

How to Integrate Time Sheets with QuickBooks Online

Follow the below-given instructions for already existing accounts in QuickBooks Timesheets.

Step 1- QuickBooks Online Integration add-on installation

  • Locate TSheets, select Feature Add-ons, and after that click on Manage Add-ons.
  • Search QuickBooks Online Integration and hit on install.
  • Choose Connect to QuickBooks which will display Intuit log-in page.
  • Login with intuit provided credentials if there are multiple organizations then choose the one you need to link.
  • Choose Authorize then the message named you are.
  • Now connected will appear and opens a preferences dialog box.
  • OR
  • Locate, discover TSheets Time Tracking, and then click on Learn more.
  • A window will appear and sign in through your QuickBooks online account.
  • Select the listed company you want to integrate.
  • A Setup TSheets Time Tracking window page will appear, Sign in with an existing account or run a free trial.

Step 2: Select the Files to Import in QuickBooks Online

Navigate the preference window and then choose the elements that you wish to import into TSheets with the associated QuickBooks account.

  • Wipe-out entire users

There are many existing employees into TSheets that are not connected with the QuickBooks account, you can choose the preferred one to archive it upon the initial sync.

  • Import jobs & customers

You can import entire active customers along with their jobs into TSheets to let employees track time. This can be attached to an individual employee or all employees.

  • Display service elements

Deliver a list of service elements that employees can select to track time.

  • Billable information

Through this option, employees can notify the billable time.

  • Display class

It shows a list of classes through which employees can choose a list to track time.

Step 3-Import through QuickBooks Online

  • QuickBooks Updates and modifications import into TSheets after every single minute automatically.
  • The sync log will appear frequently after one import.
  • If you want to block the import, you need to locate QuickBooks and then choose preferences.
  • Below the Automatically import change button, de-select the element you want to restrict for an automatic import.
  • In case you want to stop completing automatic imports then clear the automatic import button.
  • A manual import is allowed if required.
  • To perform manually go to the right side of TSheets, choose QuickBooks, and then hit on import.

Step 4-Map payroll components

  • To use Tsheets with QBO integration for payroll
  • Choose the use of QuickBooks Online for the payroll field located in QuickBooks Online Integration Preferences.
  • If these items are imported upon initial sync, they will map automatically to the matching time types don’t forget to cross-check it and make settings if required.

Now, you know what QuickBooks Timesheets are and how to Integrate TSheets and QuickBooks Online and Integrate TSheets and QuickBooks Desktop.

If you still have any questions or face any QuickBooks errors connect to the QuickBooks Consultant team. The expert team is glad to be there for you all the time and help you to resolve glitches in time. If there occurs an issue while calling you can do a live chat with one of the professionals or send an email along with a query.

What is the main goal of using Timesheets in QuickBooks?

You may fully track your time using an application like QuickBooks Time. It makes it simpler to import staff work hours, add taxable hours to customer bills, and streamline payroll.

How do you Set up QuickBooks time for an Employee to track their hours?

Please invite your staff to QuickBooks Time:-

● Select Edit under Personal Information.
● Add the email address of your employee.
● Then tick the box to invite the employee to keep track of and record their work hours using QuickBooks Time.
● The invitation will be sent to your employee through email once you click Done.

Do I still need QuickBooks payroll to use timesheets?

However, you can use QuickBooks Desktop’s timesheet feature without using payroll. Make sure the time activity can be charged to the client only.

● Select a Customer: Job and Service Item
● And click to select the Billable to establish a timesheet to record hours.

Who fills QuickBooks Timesheets?

Employees fill out the form themselves and a supervisor checks the entries before approving the payment. There are different ways to submit the time a person works.