QuickBooks Check Register

How to Use, Run, Export, and Print QuickBooks Check Register Report

To get deep insights into the QuickBooks check register report and know how to check the report in easy steps with the help of this ultimate blog.

Being a small business owner, you must experience the importance of keeping track of the finances of your company. But occasionally it happens that your bank statement is not up-to-date with the latest record. In such conditions, you can use the check register for an up-to-date image of your transactions.

What is QuickBooks Check Register

The check register or cash disbursement journal is where all your company checks and cash transactions are recorded during the accounting period. Many businesses use the check register to calculate their current account balances. You can have a different business check register for each checking account (e.g., payroll account and operating account check registers) depending on the needs and desires of your organization.

Generally, a cash disbursement journal has columns that help you to organize and break down information about transactions. The sections of a check register usually contain the following:

  • Check number or category such as electricity bill
  • Account balance
  • Description or notes
  • Date of transaction
  • Credits or debits related to the transaction.

How to Use Check Register in QuickBooks?

A significant part of the accounting process is the check register. Your registry shows what kind of transactions your company does and if necessary, can help you make adjustments to your spending. Check registers will send you an in-time record of your bank account balance and how much money you have left to spend, unlike online bank statements.

There are numerous benefits of using a check register in QuickBooks, especially in your small business. It can help you in:

  • Budget better
  • Find mistakes (for example, missing check)
  • Avoid overspending
  • Keep you up-to-date and organized with your transactions
  • Helps you to see the exact and accurate balance
  • Reconcile bank statements
  • Helps in tracking the money you’re spending.

How to Run the Check Register Report in QuickBooks

With the below-provided few steps, you can run the check register report in QuickBooks with ease. Here’s how:

  • In the beginning, go to the left panel and select Accounting
  • Look for the checking account within the Chart of Accounts (COA) tab
  • Using the drop-down arrow, select the View Register which is next to it under the Action column
  • At last, click on the Run Report option.

Then by clicking the Customize button in the upper right corner, you can change it to include or exclude the information you want to create from the report.

How to Print a Check Register Report in QuickBooks

In order to have your QuickBooks check register report, simply follow the below-given instructions given below. If needed you can even Print the Report and have the physical version available with you.

  • Login to your QuickBooks accounts and move on to your company file.
  • Now open the register you want to print.
  • You can do so by clicking on the Banking tab and then selecting the register icon.
  • This you can find on the home screen.
  • If you have multiple bank accounts then you would need to click the one which you want to print.
  • Click OK when done.
  • Now from the file menu, click on the print register tab.
  • Once you do that, you will now be able to see the print dialogue box.
  • You will now see a set of different options that you will have to go through.
  • Enter the dates or select the date range under the date.
  • This will be required if you want to print the register report for dates other than the current fiscal year.
  • If all is well then hit the prints tab and you will now be able to print your QuickBooks check register report.

How to Export Check Register to Excel in QuickBooks?

It is pretty easy to export the check register to excel in your QuickBooks Desktop. With just a few steps, you can easily do:

  • Initially, go to the Reports menu
  • Next, click on the Memorized Reports
  • Now, choose the Company
  • And then select the Balance Sheet
  • After that, go to the Toolbar and click Excel
  • Then select Create New Worksheet
  • Once you’re ready to export then hit the Ok button.

How to Print Check Register in QuickBooks?

You can print your check register with the steps provided below that can walk you through how you can accomplish this printing process:

  • To get started, you have to click List initially
  • Next, go to the Chart of Accounts
  • Now, right-click on the bank account
  • And then select the QuickReport: [bank account]
  • Change the needful date
  • After that, click on the Customize Report button
  • Now, go to the Filters tab
  • Here, you need to type in Transaction Type within the Search Filters box
  • Using the drop-down menu, select Check
  • At last, press the “Ok” button.

Options Available in Your QuickBooks Check Register

When it comes to monitoring transactions in your checkbook, you have a lot of options for being a business owner. You could:

  • Use a spreadsheet
  • Manually record the transactions on paper
  • Utilize your accounting software

Using a pencil and paper to manually build your check register is a nice choice if you want to save a buck. But it can take time and leave room for glitches or bugs.

However, basic accounting software can help you arrange transactions in your check register. The app will keep you up-to-date and give you a rundown of your transactions on your current balance. You might also be able to do things like sort the register by a certain date or connect a file to a transaction, depending on the program (e.g., copy of receipt). While it is more expensive than other options, accounting software can help you avoid mistakes in the check register and save time.

The above information is all about the QuickBooks check register report. Additionally, this blog covers some useful steps to check the report in easy steps, export the check register in QuickBooks, run the check register report, and more.

If you still looking for more information or have any queries regarding the same, feel free to contact the QuickBooks consultant team by dialing a Toll-Free number. You can also drop an email or can do a 24*7 live chat.


Can I Print My Check Register Every Month?

Yes, you can check register every month with these easy steps:

● Go to the Banking section
● Select your specific checking account
● And then select the option “Go to register link”
● Click the Funnel icon in order to filter the transactions lists that display on the screen
● Next, select the date range when you wish to print
● Hit Apply
● At last, click the Printer icon to print.

Where do I Find the Check Register in QuickBooks Online?

● Left Dashboard >> Accounting >> Chart of Accounts >> Select Account.
● Under the action column, you have to select the View Register.

How Do I Change a Number of Rows in a Check Register?

● You can change the number of rows in a check register that is displayed on one page from the middle Gear icon from 50 to 300 rows.

How can we Print the Written Checks in the QuickBooks Check Register?

● Initially, click Lists and then go to the Chart of Accounts.
● Next, go to the bank account and make right-click on the same.
● Now, select Quick Report and then change with the appropriate date.
● Click the button named Customize Report and then move to the Filters tab.
● With the Search filters box, type in the Transaction Type.
● Using the drop-down menu, pick Check and then press Ok in the end.

How can you Print Check Register for a Specific Period in QBO?

● The very first, click “Accounting” on the left menu.
● Next, go to the Chart of Accounts and choose the bank name.
● After that, click on the View Register. Using the drop-down menu, you have to select the funnel option.
● Choose the date range for a specific period when you wish to print and then click Apply.
● Once it is done then select the print list icon in order to print the check register.