Run the Reboot.bat File in QuickBooks Desktop

Run the Reboot.bat File in QuickBooks

Here in the below write-up, you will get to know the relevant information regarding how to run the Reboot.bat file in QuickBooks. Reboot.bat file refers to a batch file that appears in the QuickBooks program files folder. It significantly permits you to re-register the mandatory files needed for the smooth running of QuickBooks. For instance .OCX and .DLL files are essential files, if they get destroyed it will give rise to various unwanted error messages.

Why do you Require Running the Reboot.bat File in QuickBooks?

The majority of the time users encounter an error message on their system screen which does not sort out after applying various basic troubleshooting techniques. There might be many reasons behind such issues like an antivirus program or after the incorrect re-installation process of QuickBooks.

Sometimes your system Slows down and freezes ongoing Windows or fails to launch QuickBooks. To tackle all such situations basic troubleshooting is not enough as it disturbs the integration of Windows and QuickBooks. So Reboot.bat file acts as a great savior to fix the errors with a single click. You have to locate the Windows registry and click on the QuickBooks program files.

reboot windows batch file
Run Reboot.bat file

How to Run the Reboot.bat File in QuickBooks?

Here are the steps:

  • First of all close your QuickBooks Desktop
  • Now locate the folder with the reboot.bat file
  • A right-click on the QuickBooks Desktop icon
  • Hit on the Properties option
  • Choose to open the location
  • Make sure you run the Reboot.bat file with administrator credentials. If not then right-click on the reboot.bat file and hit on Run as Administrator
  • The name of the file might be reboot.bat so reboot it according to the Windows Folder Options settings. Here are the steps:
    • Initially discover the Run box
    • Write CMD into the search box
    • Hit Enter button
    • It will display a black window on the screen
    • Do not close the window manually. Wait for some time till the reboot.bat file program has been completed. Once the utility finishes it automatically closes.
  • Restart the system

Hopefully, the information is enough to confidently proceed with the steps to re-register the DLLs with the Reboot.bat file. If still have doubts in your mind then why struggle or waste time? Take assistance from the QuickBooks support professional team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I Find the Reboot.bat File in my System?

Simply right-click on the QuickBooks icon that appears on the computer to discover the Reboot.bat file on your computer.

What do you mean by Reboot.bat File in QuickBooks Desktop?

Reboot.bat file is one of the batch files found in the program folder of QuickBooks.

How the Reboot.bat works to Troubleshoot Issues in QuickBooks?

The batch file (reboot.bat) re-registers the .OCX file and. DLL files when they are corrupted or disturb the running of the software.